Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump White Paper: A New Generation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"There is something to be said of a Republican who could make America trust a dope snorting, draft dodging, sexual pervert like Bill Clinton, and that something to be said was Dick Morris".

- Lame Cherry

Dick Morris recently wrote a perfect stairway to the White House, and that is the fact that Donald Trump instead of bowing and scraping to the Romneycrats and Bushigs, he should instead widen the rift in order to gain affinity with the Occupy Wall Street crowd of criminal looters under Birther Hussein Obama.

Here are the quotes"

If Trump can criticize the Romney wing of the party as elitist, out of touch, pro-Wall Street and insensitive to the problems of the average American, he can make empathetic common cause with millions of Independent and Democratic voters who have rejected the GOP for precisely these reasons. Nothing will resonate better with those who followed Senator Bernie Sanders in his criticism of policies that coddle the 1 percent than for Donald Trump to echo those criticisms.

But there will be method in Trump’s madness. Each attack on Romney will serve to bring him closer to the Occupy Wall Street crowd. With Hillary Clinton’s slavish devotion to her Goldman Sachs masters and her Wall Street donors, Trump can uniquely inherit the mantle left by the Sanders candidacy.

Donald Trump must announce a New Generation of the Republican Party in the outsiders of Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan providing jobs and protections for Americans first".

- Lame Cherry

I do not believe that Mr. Morris nor any of these advocates though are couching the art of the deal correctly to Americans in "going to the left of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders", because that worries Conservatives and it does concern Liberals who are concerned about the fanatics who have hijacked the Democratic Party. Instead this should be the talking point:

"Donald Trump is in the right place of Ronald Reagan to appeal to Democrats on the left".

- Lame Cherry

There are numerous pitch points in this and Mr. Morris hints upon one percent, but it must be more, in upstaging the billionaire democrats like Hillary Clinton of the elite and simply stating:

"Hillary Clinton and her cronies give cover to the 1%, but I am going to save the 99% and be their President and give their lives back to them".

- Lame Cherry

Donald Trump needs to build a new generation of the Republican Party, out the elite who have sold out to conglomerates and lead the 99 to the Promised Land.

Donald Trump can be the President leading us to Ronald Reagan's shining city on the hill, with rocket's red glare of John Kennedy's space exploration, Theodore Roosevelt's protecting Americans by making America strong, and embracing Lyndon Johnson's Great Society in not a war on poverty, but a job to overcome poverty.

The great vision of taking America back, and making America great again, can be the Trump New Generation.

"The Clinton's gave America the New Covenant and it burst America into a Dotcom bust. I (Donald Trump) will give Americans a New Promise, to hope where the Clinton's failed in impeachment, where the government is not your enemy spying on you, but a government protecting your dreams come true".

- Lame Cherry

Let us state what every Republican knows in their hearts. We have been LIED to since 1989. We were told to each election that we were getting Ronald Reagan in who we were voting for, and in each election we got fat Newt Gingrich re electing Bill Clinton, fat Dennis Hastert raping children, fat Jeb Bush bitch slapping us in telling us we had to be Democrats.
The problem is Democrats are not at all pleased with where their shrill Hillary and berating Obama have dragged them either away from the principles of John Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey.

We can do nothing for the Democrat, but provide them a President Donald Trump to save them from their leaders, and that means each of us as Conservatives has to stop our wing of the party from being hijacked to this heinous conglomerate exploitation of all of us. 1% of Wall Street gets 99% of Obama looting of our Treasury, and we are supposed to in our retirements be thankful for those crumbs. It is time that the 99% takes back their money as the elite owe us and not the other way around.

"Hillary Clinton is the old scandal, the old cronies and putting it into a dress does not make old politics new, but the same old exploitation of Americans and the world for Hillary's 1%".

- Lame Cherry

I fervently believe that Donald Trump is the future of feminism in America and the world. Donald Trump promotes women and those women go onto great success.

"The road to the first female President in America is Donald  Trump, not with feminist stereotypes of the worn out 60's, but the 21st century feminism, now the rising vocation of the American woman, as a leading example to the women of the world.
Donald Trump is the feminist vote for the American Presidential woman of 2024.
That is the hope of Donald Trump and the change which all of us can believe in".

- Lame Cherry