Friday, June 10, 2016

Jeff Sessions Vice Presidential Stock Drop

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter matter.

I will preface this in the Vice Presidential stock race, a miscalculation in the weeks coming up to Donald Trump being officially named the Republican Presidential Nominee, in who will be elected to the White House over Hillary Clinton, is something which can never be overcome.

Jeff Sessions has entered into such a stock drop in his current amendment to a bill which would gut the 4th Amendment, or the need for law enforcement to provide a warrant to search and seize.

This is what Sessions is now pushing:

S 356

—A provider of electronic
communication service or remote computing service
shall disclose to a governmental entity a wire or elec-
tronic communication (including the contents of the
communication) and a record or other information
pertaining to a subscriber or customer if a rep-
resentative of the governmental entity reasonably
certifies under penalty of perjury that an emergency
involving the danger of death or serious physical in-
jury requires disclosure without delay. 
(2) REQUIREMENTS.—A certification under
paragraph (1) regarding an emergency shall include—

‘‘(A) a short statement of facts in support
of the emergency; and
‘‘(B) an explanation of why the facts require disclosure without delay.’’.

Seriously in this, no email is going to be so vital that an FBI agent does not need a warrant, terrorist or not.

For the fact, this police state has Judges on speed dial, and can get warrants for anything, as they are never turned down, so this is beyond unnecessary and sets off the red flats in the very Right wing which has stood strongest behind Donald Trump for the start, and that includes the agitators like Jeff Rense, who has made a case for Jeff Sessions as Vice President, so God forbid anything would happen to President Trump, Mr. Sessions would then fill the void, so that would keep Mr. Trump safe.

Senator Sessions did not help his case when he is amendment mode with Texas GOPliter John Cornyn, expanding even more free access by the police state into our protected electronic speech.

I appreciate Senator Sessions, but I am not going to bend on giving him a pass, any more than Ted Cruz in being disqualified foreign born Canadian refuge from Cuba. With all of the spying the FBI does and the NSA, they do not need more access, to the point of legally deluging away all of our Constitutional Rights. As stated, this is bone headed amendment which Jeff Sessions just filed, on behalf of the police state. It sends up all kinds of red flags.

Jeff Sessions has weaknesses, in he a poor public speaker and lacks presence. He does have merit in the area which Mr. Trump has spoken of, in assisting the passage of legislation.

This is what I based the Lame Cherry examination on of Vice Presidential nominees in what Mr. Trump stated.

For foreign policy, President Putin smiles as Dr. Kissinger, so that is the component which weighs a great deal on foreign policy. Democrat Jim Webb is another stalwart in the giving teeth to foreign policy.

Yes Mr. Trump can augment is legislative process with a Tom DeLay to help with Congress, so that a Condi Rice might be available for that foreign policy role, but it has always been my assessment, that Donald Trump must be like Ronald Reagan in the clear leadership direction, and then expect his subordinates to fill in with their expertise.

It is why I advocated Representative Jamie Buetler of Washington, and leaving her lead in the 4th most powerful woman in Congress in Rep. Cathy Rogers to replace the traitor Paul Ryan as Speaker. It is in the nuances and intricacies in Buetler brings her Congressional liaison work to the White House, and the White House honors Speaker Rogers with her lieutenant, in both have the access to each branch of Government to implement the necessary change which Americans are electing Donald Trump for.

The Lame Cherry does not speak for Donald Trump or his campaign. I simply express logic in what should project the best scenario, as the Vice President points to the need of a woman. Senator Susan Collins fits, but I dislike the east coast duo of New York and Maine. New York and Washington is better balance, and grooming Mrs. Buetler to be President in 8 years is a promise all of us could agree upon is what America needs, after Karl Rove destroyed ever Conservative woman in elections to pave the way for Jeb Bush.

I will support who Donald Trump picks. It was vital to reveal the traitor Newt Gingrich was, as he was being pushed with a massive 200 million dollar bribe, which Mr. Trump rejected. I can see Ben Carson, as Vice President, but he is weak,and I mean both black weak, as Americans have had enough blackness in the disaster of Obama and would be reminded of this, including Condi Rice.
That Martinez woman in New Mexico has been outed as a GOPliter, and she would be certain disaster too. The pool has narrowed and narrowed even more with what Jeff Sessions undertook against the Constitution.

It would be an immense task for Jamie Buetler, but it would prove her mettle in gotcha politics as Cathy Rogers, as the media will try and provoke these women to do a Paul Ryan to sabotage the campaign. I am not in the meetings, am not in the vetting, so the loyalty oath is what decides it all.
Yes John Thune of South Dakota squirmed in his chair with delight as he was being looked at, but South Dakota has no vote power, and Thune while Conservative and doing McConnell's best to not stick his foot in his mouth the way Ryan does,  he is still male, even if he could be President tomorrow and punch through all of Donald Trump's legislative agenda.

We shall see what happens, but Jeff Sessions took himself out of a major consideration by his meanderings with the police state, and that none of us expected.