Friday, June 10, 2016

The Thing About Paul Ryan's Racism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As every one of the anti Trump surrogates of the conglomerates is having their intrigue coming home to roost, none of them are more deserving than Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Mr. Aspen Institute, Miss Big Koch and Ms. Foster Friess of the liberal Aspen Institute and the poster by for the Mormon Romney Mafia.

Where is Ryan off to again after starting a firestorm in using the world racism, for Donald Trump actually using the correct definition of Mexican for a crooked judge in California whose wet back parents had el LaRatza as an anchor bambino, because that is what La Ratza is, a Mexican, like Obama is a legal Indonesian.
To answer the question Ryan is off in intrigue again with Mormon Mexican Mitt Romney to Utah, to plot more installing Hillary Clinton again.

Paul Ryan like all of these Jezebels of political whoredoms do ok like Ted Cruz, when they are behind the scenes cutting deals with Harry Reid, or in Ryan's case, golfing with Obama for more debt robbing of Americans.
Ryan did ok lurking in the shadows plotting Speaker John Boehners' demise, ruining that little blonde Representative from Carolina, which ruined the Conservative Speaker who was diddling her, and who arrived to pick up the pieces as the dark whore in the race........why Paul Ryan.

Call that a Lame Cherry exclusive, but everyone was blaming Conservatives for Boehner being forced out, while the real maestro madam of the Cassius Clan was none other than Paul Ryan.....who if you notice has been 100 times worse than what Boehner did not do.............Ryan does everything Obama orders.

That order also appears in smearing Donald Trump, which Paul Ryan has been busy, and in turn is once again hiding and attempting to blame Donald Trump......when it was all Paul Ryan's doing again in another backstabbing of a GOP leader. That is what the Senators have to get figured out in this, and that is Paul Ryan is doing the devil's work for Obama and Clinton like Matt Walsh, Glenn Beck, Dave Blount and Erick Erickson with that horrid traitor Bill Kristol.

All of that is lost in this, along with the reality of the Paul Ryan racism, because Paul Ryan is a racist,  because Paul Ryan hates the same race which Barack Hussein Obama did, and that is Paul Ryan hates those stupid, Cheesehead, Green Bay Packer, Midwestern, Caucasians Voters. That is the race which Paul Ryan hates. Paul Ryan hates the American Race.

Why else would Ryan rubber stamp everything Obama?

Ryan is making debt slaves of Americans. Ryan is destroying American jobs and American businesses in Obamatrade. Ryan is engaging in American genocide with the Obamacare, and Ryan is joined at the hip with the GOPliters who are in the process of destroying the Republican Party so Obama's 3rd term will happen with Hamrod Clinton.
Be absolutely certain of this, Paul Ryan is the Obama Clinton operative in the Congress by the proof of his actions, and as he tries to create an inferno of racism against Donald Trump as the Neo Nigger to be genocided with Trump voters. the fact is Paul Ryan is the biggest racist in Congress hating all things which the Green Bay Packers stand for in working Americans.

95 million Americans without jobs, by absolute design by the Obama regime in racism, and who does Paul Ryan see as the racist? Why of course Donald Trump in his Constitutional Free Speech correctly defining a Mexican as a Mexican.
What is it now racist to note Benjamin Franklin was British? That Martin Luther King was Negroid? That Nancy Pelosi is Italian? According to Ryan smears stating that people are what they are is a great smear to be coordinated with the Obama press all to install Hillary Clinton, who talks in an Afroid voice to blacks.

Paul Ryan is a racist. Ryan hates Americans of every color and it is why with Obama he is trying to genocide Americans and replace them with more Hillary terror voters.

Paul Ryan is the Speaker of Racism and it can come none to quick for the People of Wisconsin to primary this Obama troll and free them from the author of their own genocide.

His (RYAN)  comments poured gasoline on the fire and put every Republican in an incredibly uncomfortable position. It was entirely avoidable,” another Senate GOP aide told The Hill on Tuesday.

Paul Ryan, the Racist, calling the American, "black".

Business Insider4 hours ago

Ryan is working of the Clinton entourage. Senator Mitch McConnell and other Senators told Ryan to shut up about this, and Ryan is again releasing statements again for the weekend news spin smearing Donald Trump, before Ryan goes on the leftist media, to smear Donald Trump again.

Paul Ryan needs to be asked about Paul Ryan's racism against Americans.