Monday, June 13, 2016

Lame Cherry Proven Right: Orlando Terrorism was Gay on Gay Violence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Over 24 hours ago by God's Grace, the Lame Cherry broke the story and posted the exclusive which published in the early morning hours that Omar Mateen had been molested as a child, and was questioning his homosexual attractions, which were triggered by the birth of his son.

Who molested Omar Mateen

Now the confirmation is beginning to appear on Drudge Report headline investigations from others trying to catch up with the popular girl.

Killer visited club dozen times before massacre...
Male classmate says Omar asked him out 'romantically'...
Used gay dating app...

So let us roll this back, in this was not American on American violence for gun control, but again a situation of the Obama regime creating friction between the donor classes of Muslims and Homosexuals, amplified by Hillary Clinton rhetoric, and producing Gay on Gay violence.

The largest slaughter in United States history was queer on queer, and brought about by Jihad Obama on America and the Mideast.

Lame Cherry proven right again by God's Grace in matter anti matter before any one else.

No one does it by God like the Lame Cherry.

- Lame Cherry