Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump White Paper: The Armageddon File

... general contractor for the Trump Organization, the resort’s builder

Editor's Note: Due to this being a too important post, it will be a stand alone for today, and due to circumstances I will cover later on a personal reason.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In 2001 AD in the year of our Lord, President George W. Bush, attempted with the NeoCon to save the world and to save Islam from itself, on a final gambit to not embark upon nuclear annihilation upon  the Muslim, but to award them with democracy, and a system of bribery, so the Islamic militant would grow old in 20 years, and prefer to take naps and watch internet porn.

In the Age of Obama, this police of Nationalist Islam was abandoned for Marxist community organized militant Islam, as the Obama regime with the banking cartel, murdered Muslims who would not comply to a system of bribes which handed over the opium, weapons, human traffick to these Obama Muslims, with the addition that Islam would send millions of their worst reprobates and plague carriers to the West, in which Islam would not engage in nuclear terrorism against the West, as Muslims would begin the conversion of the West.

This is the world which has now been created in a well funded oil laundering ISIS to compete with al Qaeda, and now funneling millions of dollars into the Republican and Democrat coffers to buy more influence, as the House of Saud owns the great share of American banking and American oil.

Islam is now a nuclear reality and the West is a cauldron of Islamic terrorism and civil war.

Londonstan has now issued it's first Fatwa in declaring the right to expression has ceased, according to the dictate of the Mayor.

The purpose of these White Papers is to find solutions, but my purpose here is to point out something a reality which is coming upon the West. Under Hillary Clinton there will be a Clinton cartel world war which will scorch Europe. Under Donald Trump, there will take place a series of Islamic uprisings in civil war and if these novelties do not succeed, nuclear terrorism will drive the West to world war.

There are a series of trip wires in this brilliant plot for the genocide of Americans. It is doomsday, because it is by design to develop fear of Islam and Jesuit Mexicans as a distraction and a response, to trigger further escalations.

What first must be comprehended is that murderous, terrorist and weapons of mass destruction events will take place. To expect any other result, is without reason. Everyone is going to have to be adult and recognize the rock and hard place the cartel has placed the world.

In order to begin deconstruction of this is for President Trump, will have to engage in a series of first strikes. Once this begins, there will be assaulted upon America a 9 11 economic attack in the markets will begin falling. In order to deal with that, President Trump will have to engage an ECONOMIC CLUTCH.

I do not advocate price controls, but a simple reality for stability that no commodities or stocks will be allowed to plunge or spike, by more than 1% per month.
American oil prices will no longer be set at Brentwood in England nor will American gold be set in London at prices.

Once the American economy is stabilized, the American economy will then be Americanized, as in no foreign ownership of the Federal Reserve or American strategic reserves whether they be oil or uranium.

The Lame Cherry advocates in this period for President Trump to open dialogue with President Putin in Russia for a mutual understanding through the offices of Dr. Henry Kissinger and Stephen Cohen. The day of NATO tensions ceases in intimidation of Russia.

As America secures it's finances, it is at this juncture to disrupt the terror financial network, and the beginning of this is the initiative of the Islamic Welfare State, based upon the Protective Reservations for these refugees in the West.
The funding of this would be seizure of funds from OPEC oil and the black market drug trafficking, for the expressed purpose of creating an Islamic reservation in the uninhabited Sudan and Chad, for the full return of all the Obama invaders being imported.
These reservations would employ the refugees to build their own homes, garden with water diverted on the Khadaffi Nile water project, and be under the auspices of the United Nations, with funding seized by the Islamic States.

For the Jesuit Latins, all welfare funding is cut off immediately, all employment is ended. The Latin will deport themselves. America will again secure a 500 square mile region in the Mexican desert on the Muslim model, with Mexican oil revenues managed under the United Nations the building of this Mexican state.

As for the green card laborers, there will be a 100,000 dollar license assessed upon every business employing any foreigner per years, for the welfare of Americans fired and unemployed in the Obama era.
The result will be a mass exodus of these foreigners denied welfare and benefits, and Americans employed again, offsetting the Obama throttling of the American economy.

Americans must be alerted that the odds are there will be Pearl Harbor or 9 11 events, to attempt to draw America into another war for these international merchants. President Trump must inform Americans that massive retaliation on the states which engage in these attacks, but it will not be war.
Those nations finances will be seized and their infrastructures crippled, with their leadership struck.

At this point, the invaders should not create revolutions for amplified Obama dramas, but their host states employed in the American genocide will be crippled in having to pay for their wards, instead of the United States.

The above platform of actions will allow for a stabilized transfer of millions of foreigners from the West, back to their nations, humanely caring for them, and returning vocations to the Western Peoples. Those jobs will create an economic expansion as 95 million Americans have not been upgrading anything for two Obama occupancy of the White House.

This is the one dimension of the Obama invaders solution, which is the catalyst for the genocide of the world. It fits into the three dimensional "take America back" and "make America great again", which is the primary President Trump policy.
There are of course employing intelligence assets and leverages to assist in all of this, which will not be covered here, as this would complicate a delicate and complicate doomsday device, which in this Trump White Paper has been solved in The Armageddon File.

This can be solved, but it is like pulling a wisdom tooth in a moving car. Of course there will be blood, there will be discomfort, there will be necessary time to recuperate, and if one pays attention to the details, things will not be made worse, and in a week, you will be pleased it is over, as you maintain things with discipline of washing the wound out with saltwater after every meal.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in the Trump White Papers