Sunday, June 12, 2016

Money for Nothing and Chics for Free

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been procrastinating today in not writing for the list of tomorrow's posts, which of course gives me the time to answer a question which came in which is more interesting.

But first, I wrote to one of Hamrod's big donors, not asking for money, but asking her what Hamrod would treat her like if she was poor, as I get treated bad like most of you in being ignored or other such things. I do hope she replies sincerely, as I would really like to share her experiences in the democratic party being a poor person asking for money.

So Ted asked this question, and I had to check how to do it.

Thank you for your excellent analysis! Is there a way to make this recurring donation?

If you click on the above right hand corner or I guess the below "DONATE" button, it will take you to a page like this on Paypal.

That will take you to the hot link on Paypal in the page below.

UNDERLINED IT IN RED or fuchsia as my Paint Shop Pro program has so many shades in the colors that it is impossible to get white or red easily.

So according to the instructions, you just add the amount if you are sure, and then it sets it up MONTHLY and then every month it automatically deducts from your Paypal or credit card. You can cancel it from your Paypal account to discontinue it.

Most people never realize all the nuance chit you have to do in the little things like that Paypal Button, and will tell you about my day or days in this. To set this up, you have to have an account, and then in Paypal there is a codex that will generate which you can put into Blogger to make the link appear and be hot.

The one in the upper right hand corner is continuous, but the ones I nag at the hombres and mujhars at the bottom of most posts is one that I keep in my Jarte program, which is what I type most of the posts here in. I like it as it is a compact program compared to Word and has a better feel than Notepad, which is where we used to type the HTML code back in the day.

So when I post things, what you would see is:

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Blogger is a real bastard in pasting things, and you might have noticed those d's appearing sometimes. I always put in



And that frames the copy and paste, including pictures, because sometimes Blogger and the spiders grabs my work, and fuses it, so it is impossible to get the cursor to move or transfer.

Just the little things that go into making a post, as it is verboten......most interesting in Blogger spellcheck knows that German word, and I noticed things were popping up in Spanish on checking things in Facebook. Someone in taco hacked in apparently and left tracks. The Russians do it as do other hackers for kicks, have a look around and then are gone.

But that is how I churn out a post in most cases, as some of the things I try to post here are picked up by so many intelligence feeds that things just freeze. It is much better with Donald Trump now progressing ahead, as most of the Obama trolls are getting their tickets for exile like the Bushcrats.

Of interest, no one gives a damn about that Gaybobs on the Muslim Barbie in Florida.  That homo commune should pay attention to that point, as their Obama cover is gone as they are now competitors for the children which are coming up in the next round if Mr. Trump has it stolen from him. God forbid.

I am now going to pretend to do something as TL has on Money for Nothing, which makes me laugh in the line "that little faggot with the earring and the make up".

I warned the queers their political supporters were going to target them, once their political use was over.

Anyway, I do want to thank all for reading what is Inspired here, the good prayers, the notes, those who donate as it has always been money for nothing and chics for free.

Did you know that Sting of the Police did the background vocals on that track? If you listen you will know it immediately it is him.