Sunday, June 12, 2016

What is Rape

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Until tonight, I had not bothered with the Stanford University rape case, as it probably requires clarification in Stanford by laws of averages has had numerous boys and girls raped on that campus.

I am too busy to deal with the cause celeb case meant to gin up ratings on networks or traffic on the internet, but something needs to be addressed in this as Mona Charen over at Town Hall got it wrong as all have gotten it wrong from the Judge who is rightly being castigated over his mishandling of this case.

Putting it simply, the public boils down to those who have been raped, those who have raped, and those who tolerate rape or enjoy it.

For my examination of this, I ask myself what is rape, and this is the Lame Cherry definition. The Lame Cherry defines rape in empathy for the person being taken advantage of or forced, and that empathy is based in, "If I loved that person, would I do this to that person?"
When the answer or answers are NO, then it is rape.

The convicted rapist in this case is Brock Turner, a swimmer from Ohio.

On the opposite are two Swedes who witnessed Turner doing things to the woman, and she was not responsive.

In the middle are Turner's father, who contacted the Judge, stating his son should not have his life ruined for 20 minutes of humping, and the Judge who judges humping passed out girls not that criminal of misbehavior.

In reviewing this case, there are things which set the scene of Brock Turner lied to police about engaging in alcohol and drug abuse. There is a history of Turner grabbing women at parties. Now we arrive at questions of how you would answer what is rape.

If you had sons or daughters, two in number, who went to a party, and Brock Turner was feeling up one of them, and was rejected.

Turner then began stalking your other daughter, who somehow was drinking a great deal. We do not know if Turner assisted in inebriating her, but the result was she was led outside, kissed and ended up passed out behind a dumpster.

If this was your daughter or your wife, would you consider this rape?

There are confirmed reports that Brock Turner was taking selfies of the girl when she was undressed, in her breasts and posting them online as she was passed out.

If this was your daughter or wife, or son or husband would you consider this rape?

It was confirmed the girl was half naked, stripped by Brock Turner, is this something which is rape to you?

It is confirmed that Brock Turner finger banged this passed out woman for sometime, is this rape?

It is confirmed that Brock Turner was thrusting on top of this girl, is this rape, in would you want your daughter or wife, having this happen to her?

It is the extenuating things that trouble me even more than the above, and that is Brock Turner apparently got an erection over all of this. Sexual arousal over stalking a woman, stalking her as she became drunk to being incoherent and being led to an isolated location, behind a dumpster.......not some place of normal behavior.
Turner then lied to police, after stating he did not remember, that this was "consensual sex" when the lawyers became involved.

This is not about girls being stupid. This is not about pathetic males looking for women who make mistakes to get off on them. This is about rape, in the real jury which falls in love with the girls and boys later, and how they will judge the situation.

In the Lame Cherry judgment this was more than rape. This was a dehumanizing assault of a pathetic sociopath who became aroused by posting photos of women being raped online, for an audience to join in. Brock Turner engaged in gang rape which brings the conclusion  that he is a sociopath and in the process of becoming a serial rapist, whose arousals are preying on helpless women as in Bill Cosby and what really gets him off, is having others join in the assault, in this points to early exposure of masturbating to images of helpless women.

Brock Turner in probability will have a woman accept him, and make excuses for him, and it will be a fetish female who gets off on being assaulted or is not troubled by it, or Brock Turner will marry his mother who might be a female of this type, considering what the father wrote to the Judge, in Turner's wife might be a woman he never rapes, because in Turner's psychology, there are the nameless objects you fuck at any cost, and then there are the girls you bring home to mummy.

The Prosecution asked for 6 years in prison. The Law states a minimum of 2 years and a maximum penalty of 14 years. Judge Persky sentence Turner to 6 months in county jail, and he could be out in 3 months.

After reviewing the above, I would have sentenced Brock Turner to the full 14 years with a minimum of 10 years, with the enforced condition of if Turner was released at 10 years, to be chemically castrated, as his sociopathic actions point to, he will learn, and the next time he engages in this, he will make certain he will not be caught and no witnesses will be left.

Justice has not been done. All this has been is a learning experience for a sociopath and Brock Turner's support system reveals that rape is not a crime.

Registering as a life long sex offender is not going to protect society. Forensics point to these events repeating themselves and that is not Justice.

Was this rape? Your answer is do you feel safer in this world for your wives and daughters, with Brock Turner in society again in September?