Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Man Balls Than Bieber

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I rarely am on TMZ as weird rich people simply have no fascination for me. It was though when I caught this Justin Bieber story, or the photo above, I wondered what the hell Corey Feldman was doing in it.
I have always had a soft spot for Corey Feldman in his epic performance with Corey Haim in the Lost Boys, which was one of the finest movies cast and directed of all time, for the quality of the performances. I just would have liked Mr. Feldman to have gained a Conservative Christian world experience, to know how real humans live as it would have saved him a great deal of PETA oddness.

So I was looking at that picture, no not at Bieber as there is nothing interesting about that unit. The interesting part was the chic, yeah apparently that was a chic named White Hinterland..........and she looks just like Corey Feldman for some reason.

Seriously, when they do the Corey Feldman story, this chic can star, as she is his twin.

Of course in the version I wrote, it has a happy ending, in Feldman walks in on the old perv Hollywood goon who was ass raping Haim, and blows his balls off with a 12 gauge, then they carve him up with a machete and feed the kid rapist to pack of piranahs, and tell the world the perv went on vacation.

They do not do dope, go on to star in great television series and movies, and everything had a happy ending when child rapists end up feeding piranhas..........well unless you are some women who for some reason does the Corey Feldman look, and looks more man than Justin Bieber.........which is not that hard.

Damn, a girl looks more man balls than Bieber.