Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finnish Beauty

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In my mind Finland is just kind of a country that is there like oatmeal. The people are like oatmeal in just being there and nothing is too interesting. They just sort of are there, it is cold and snowy, and the Laplanders have reindeer, and they are like Norwegians in you can only stare at muselix so long before you have other things to do.

That is of course going to sound like I do not value the Finns, because I do. In war they fight as well as any people on earth, because I think it is because they are like oatmeal in they save it for the important part in getting you through another day.

The reason I am writing about this, is because we had to make a second trip to town this week and were in the second hand shop, and I noticed yesterday a chewed up handled Rapala fillet knife. You might not know what this is, but in walleye country of Minnesota and Wisconsin, you value your Rapala fillet knife more than the spouse and kids.

This is what I admire about the Finns. They live in a crappy place which is wet and cold all the time, but were not like Russian serfs, but instead had an ingenuity which is reflected in their knives.

The Finns made the Rapala Fillet Knife and the Puukko Belt Knife. These are the perfect Euclid's 47th in knives. They look pretty, they handle pretty in the wet, cold and blood, and they are the most perfectly designed knives in the world.

I can only think of the American Schrade Trappers, and Western Boning Knife in the 4 inch blade as being equal in perfection. The Finns just simply in their souls are not oatmeal, but as artistic as the French in the Louvre, but far more pretty as their tiger birch handled knives with perfect blades are simply things to make the soul happy.

I did splurge and purchase the chewed up handled Rapala, as it was 2 dollars. They are normally around 20 to 30 dollars, but the spring steel in the blade is a phenonmina as much as how lovely they are for stripping fish fillets from skin. They are an amazing feat of engineering and arrived upon the world due to necessity of having to process hundreds of pounds of meat to food, in bad weather, and they are durable and weigh like a wisp of the wind.

I only sit and lookg at pictures though of the Puukkos as they want over 50 and in most cases over 100 dollars for them, but they are so very compelling that once you see one, you just fall in love with desire for them.

I will admit that long ago my brother in law did purchase a Rapala for me, but it was far too nice to it sits in my drawer. Apparently waiting for this knife obtained today which is really lovely and being abused, it is something I can now use.
I will present to God now that having a knife, I of course need funds and fish to use this knife which he provided. God is good to me, but often times He gives me what I want, but then not the resources to go and play with them.

Seriously, for the Great Tribulation, you people with money, should probably in your survival chest get yourself some knives. I have the Clyde Hickory and Schrade or Chicago Cutlery as you can put an edge on these knives easily in heavy use.
Yes you need a sharpener to make things easier, but for your world, you are going to need butchers knives, and that means skinning type with a rounded front end, a boning knife which is pointed, and a fillet knife............but the plural as you will find out that people will steal your knives in hard times, and you break your knives and then wonder why you never had the sense to buy two at least.

Of course, that is different for the Finns, as their world is full of Puukko and being like oatmeal they seem to be a people who will not go around stealing other peoples lives or countries.

So now you know another secret of the Finns in all their artistic wonder which surpasses what the artsy crowd will never find appeal in, because they hire other people to do their killing.

That about wraps this up.