Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mules Built The White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is moved to obliterate the lies of the Michelle Obama history deconstructionists in their deception that "slaves built the White House", when one might as well just as state that MULES BUILT THE WHITE HOUSE, because they were property employed to haul stone and wood, and that is the extent of what the slave was employed to accomplish as property.

There was nothing illegal or immoral in 1776 about owning property, whether it was slaves or mules, no more than it is illegal or immoral for you to own a pet monkey or a dog. Property cared for is humane and that is what slaves were, whether Irish or Scottish White property deported from England after the war to Virginia as slaves or whether it was Ivory Coast Negroids exported by blacks and Muslims as the jungle folk.

The only difference is between your dog and a slave is, that your dog at least had sense to crawl under a porch when it rains, as the slave class was vacuous of this.

For those who have been conditioned to such speech as harsh, the reality is that is how President Theodore Roosevelt in African Game Trails, found blacks in the bush of Africa, still existing in 1910. White Christian America had advanced the American Afroid to some extent, but the Negroid of Africa was still just so much meat for the crocodile and lion.

This is a quote from President Roosevelt of the Kiyuku in the 20th century as he found them:

"They formed a picturesque safari; but it was difficult to make the grass- hopper-like creatures take even as much thought for the I future as the ordinary happy-
go-lucky porters take. At ' night if it rained they cowered under the bushes in
drenched and shivering discomfort ; and yet they had to be driven to make bough
shelters for themselves. Once these shelters were up, and a little fire kindled at the en-trance of each, the moping, spiritless wretches would speedily become transformed
into beings who had lost all remembrance of ever having been wet or cold. After their
posho had been distributed and eaten they would sit, ,huddled and cheerful, in
their shelters, and sing ' steadily for a couple of hours."

This is the Negroid of Africa and the direct American slave. Primates who were so shiftless that President Roosevelt likened them to bugs, as they gave absolutely no thought to building a shelter, as the American savage Indian would. That is how absolutely low on the chain they were. The great ape will make a bed to lay in, the Negroid would not.

So for Michelle Obama and her lying class to state that slaves built the White House, when these creatures were not evolved socially beyond your own dog or the lower primates of Africa in common sense, is akin to putting Bonzo the chimp on a rocket to the moon, and saying he piloted the craft.

It is absolutely repulsive this racism of Michelle Obama and her attempting to make a White Nigger Class of Donald Trump supporters as she and her caste, degrade the fine Caucasian craftsmen who built the American White House. To let that stand is a crime against history, humanity and culture.

Too many people always equate a bias of their own common sense or development, and place it on animals or other people, when that is a false premise. To equate the savage, the primitive and the barbarian with the Irish, Scot or Anglo is the same fallacy of conveying voter status on some orangatang. You the human, have evolved, educated, Christianized, civilized, while the orang still in majority bites each others face off in breeding combat.

Africa and the Negroid is a place now having been exposed to 250 years of civilization, and they are still a communist body of dictators who manage a herd of beasts, which consume United Nations food and medicines, and reproduce now at over 1 billion souls destroying the wildlife and lands of Africa, as entertainment for White missionaries who need to be validated in teaching the African zoo folk how to devolve back to the bush huddlers which Theodore Roosevelt found.

No one else is going to tell you, and most of you are not intelligent enough to comprehend what Michelle Obama in her racism, her guilting of the Caucasian American is about, in a genocide of history and the White race in the West. This can not stand as it is a crime against humanity.

The facts are the facts by Teddy  Roosevelt's own obsevations and the reality you observe before you today.

"No one could fail to be impressed with the immense advance these men represented as compared with the native negro; and indeed to an American, who must necessarily think much of the race problem at home, it is pleasant to be made to realize in vivid fashion
the progress the American negro has made, by comparing him with the negro who dwells in Africa untouched, or but lightly touched, by white influence."

-Theodore Roosevelt

The American Afroid had advanced beyond the African primitive in 1910. The slave was still the hut dweller in 1776 and not a craftsman building the White House. In modern America, the Afroid is in the guise of Michelle Obama, nothing but a story teller with wide eyed lies, incapable of her own accomplishment and having to make all her kind the jungle king.

Such stories are acceptable in the African bush where knowing literates dismiss the ramblings of such folk as nonsense. It is when though Michelle Obama is allowed to present such fallacy before children in commencement speeches that the harm begins and it must be stopped by the Truth of History.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.