Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Breath of Life

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We were out in the yard petting a kitty, so I know that this is from the Holy Ghost in it requiring being said.

As I was standing there, a black bird flew by about should high, looking pretty with the golden eyes and deep blue black being a male in having a V tail.

I was moved to start considering air and how this all was apparently created by God to place before humanity a physical testimony of Him as the Spirit.

Think about that for a moment if your boss appeared one day, in the Father and said to Jesus, His  Thought, "Word of God, I Will that You create a physical reflection of Us in being air".

Now mind you, nothing physical had ever been created, so what in Heaven was air, or for that matter dirt? Did dirt float or did you eat it? Did air glow in the dark like God? Just what would air be?

Air had to be like God, a substance which would reveal itself to humans as to God being  the Breath of Life. Now we come to something else in ..........oh so air is something humans breathe.......ok ah how do you breathe this air in and why would it give life?

Are you starting to understand just how complicated all of this is, because suddenly air has all these physical has to be moved through, and in this time the Father decided that as fish swam in the ocean, there needed to be something swimming through the skies to compliment now we come up with a fish, and as scales have no purpose, we have to design birds, with feathers, hollow bones to be light enough to take flight, and make it all like the sea in birds and insects swim through this stuff, that has to be some property that people can breathe it.....into something that means life, and will not crush bugs like a wall.

Oh, so this air must have a let's put oxygen into it, to fuel all the cells in these humans......ah what are cells?

Oh that is right, cells are little things that transport this oxygen to energize the body in feeding it............feeding it?

Yes feeding it, in there will be an electro chemical process where an acid which is corrosive in breaking down elements to energy, in amino acids, will provide life to all these non immortal creatures being created.

Are these humans made of air? Why no they are not. They are made of this element stuff, the physical earth, and this gives a testimony of who they are, and inside of them is a soul or Breath of Life from God, and it is proof that they are always connected to God and will in Faith return to God.

So these humans are solid? Well no, they are liquid like the sea, but in a semi solid structure, so they can move through the air, not like birds, as We do not desire to give them too great of abilities or they will be like Lucifer in thinking they can be God and that will be a hinderance to the Great Plan of making them children of God.

Liquid huh? Why liquid? Oh that is a reflection of Us. The Father is the Foundation of Life in earth, the Son is the Water of Life and Our presences in humans is the Air of Life. The air is transported by the liquid in blood and nourishes the physical body.

This is quite complicated? Of course it is, because We are God. If it was simple, some human would come along with satan and come up with evolution right away, but by making this impossible, and all connected, there will be those who will understand the depths, and realize that there are a million other things in this which are not seen, which all prove God exists and designed all of this.

..............those are the things which I think about in Holy Ghost Inspired thoughts. I think about how absolutely complicated all of this is, because it is complicated and it is like shattering a glass, and then finding each piece is shattered a thousand  times over.
It is marvelous to behold the handiwork of God in my ignorant way. To think about air, in how it all is, how every element and creature all mimic the same design pattern, and assemble from clouds in the sky, to frost to people. It is all the same basic design, and it all interconnects, and none of it makes any sense.

Air.....but not too much oxygen or fires would be explosive.....too little and all would suffocate. Carbon dioxide.........well that is the fertilizer which feeds the plants as does the nitrogen which fees the humans, mammals and fish. All in perfect balance........and this great lung of earth and ocean, inhales the surplus and then puts the excess carbon into carbon fuels or calcium deposits.

This entire structure is the Breath of Life, and the only sadness in it, is those Stephen Hawking ignorant minds, who can not comprehend any of this in thinking this all just happened, when it was all created and all required the Holy Ghost brooding over it, to give it that God spark of Life.

Nuff Said