Thursday, June 23, 2016

Paul Manafort presents: The Trump Kinder Puppets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It must be something to be the Trump kinder, I mean the protege of Ivana Trump, so very successful, so high profile, so powerful, such protectors of Donald Trump, such relied upon and trusted children, that everywhere they go, they are the epitome of Donald and Ivana Trump success.

The thing is though, that when the really intelligent people who deal in the arts of the craft, observe the Trumps, they think of them as so much like all of us, in just more rats in the maze.
There are entire divisions dedicated to the psychological studies of humans. Where do you think those software scans and programs of the human mind, in knowing who is a terrorist and who is a pedophile come from? Hard data like that comes from brain scans of degenerates and saintly folk, engaged in all sorts of activities in live fire exercises.
Do you think that old pervert Dr. whoever raping children, and crafting the CIA MKULTRA just stopped when he civilized folk appeared? There is an entire science involved in this, entire computer generated protocols to trigger response in people and entire remote activation compartments who engage in all sorts of the great mysteries. What satan does by ability, these lords and priests generate by the machine.

That is why this Corey Lewandowski Coup is particularly delicious. Back in the day, the CIA in counter intelligence used to have the Soviets murdering their own agents, because the American shadows were to talented at the protocols. So do you think that a group of people who wag Bill Kristol and 3rd party as a diversion and fail to be mocked, are not so intelligent that what part of what they were doing in a host of operations, was conditioning the Trump Weak Links to get rid of the one person who was standing in the way of controlling Donald Trump, and that was Corey Lewandowski?

Lewandowski was beat down on numerous fronts of contention. The Mockingbird, MKULTRA and other nestlings were in full mode, and the best little puppets in the world in the Trump children were the target of it all, to do the dirty work for the installation of Manafort to seize control of the Trump operation.

It was brilliant, because Manafort fed the stories blaming the Trump children for cutting off Corey Lewandowski's head, and then humiliating him by having security escort Lewandowski from the building, and there sat silent innocent Manafort while the Trump kinder preened on the attention, as stories were fed to the media about how powerful Ivanka Trump really is.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain all of this, as it began from the start of this, because the DC Whispers said Corey Lewandowski should not have f*cked with Paul Manafort.
Such a sexual nuance for such a bludgeon over the head. Manacort should be praised and taking bows, because of what the operation was which benefited him in the coup against Donald Trump. How many people can say that they conned the Trump children to do the dirty work, take the blame and stick a knife in their father's back?
That is an intelligence operation in forensic psychological manipulation which any ugly American would be proud of.

Yet in this, we have the problem now that the Truth is appearing. Truth like this blog is circulating in the Trump campaign. Truth like the powerful are now aware of the Trump kinder being made chumps of. Truth about now the jokes start over things like..........

How do you make Ivanka jump for Manafort? Pull her string.......just make sure it's not the tampon one.

Great jokes, and then the people start doing the marionette master hand motions as the new sign language of the Trump children's credentials.

See then this devolves in the Trump children start hearing about how they were suckered. Then they get mad at this blog for pointing out what fools they were made of, and then they start smiling at Paul Manafort as they now are aware that the time is coming that Manafort will psychologically drive that wedge in between Donald and the children, because it is already there, and when it is done, Paul Manafort will be Donald Trump's new son.

That is going to be most interesting as the Trump children are mocked, and that fury is going to grow in them daily, as they start venting daily to the old man.........who is going to happen to mention that it was their art of the deal which put the insiders in charge of the Trump campaign, so what are they going to do about fixing it, as they are responsible.

Little Tierra and Little Lord Fauntlerboys, got there pants pulled down in public by real masters who run psyops, and took a bow on cue, thinking it was something grande they had just pulled off. They never saw it coming as these children have no idea how the adults play.

Donald Trump before all of this started was talking with Gordon Duff of Veterans Today and Alex Jones of Infowars. He knows things. He knows parts of the shadows. He knows enough of the secrets to find the pieces of the puzzle he and his conduits were allowed to know. He was doing quite well, until this group ran an operation on him, and used his arrogant tykes against him.
That is where Joel Skoursen was wrong. You don't get at Donald Trump by flattering him. You get at him through his children as he trusts them.

So let's see how things are now.

You have the 100 Days operation all set up to put the GOPliter's Vice President on the ticket, and that is what is about this bogus delegate upheaval in meetings. Not so odd that you have Reince Priebus playing good cop, Paul Ryan bad cop, and Paul Manacort leading Donald Trump to be fitted for a nice collar as their slave. That is what Cleveland is about, and if Mr. Trump needs to be told of the warning, this is a warning from this blog of what he just was led into by the manipulated people he just trusted.

So this is this phase of the operation, and I have mentioned that the end game in this is Donald Trump with a coronary about 9 months in and Manafort helping the GOPliter Vice President settle into the Oval Office in the ultimate coup again.
The Trump kinder should probably be troubled about what they just pulled for those who are going to make them orphans in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

Such humiliation on the biggest stage in the world for Ivanka, Don jr. and that other one. Paraded out on stage, taking bows, and thinking they are like Obama bending at the waist and not noticing Priebush, Manafort and Ryan pulling them strings.

Yes mankind has the missing links and Manafort has the weak links.

Now I suppose if it were me in having a big ole office in a big ole tower that my big ole man built, I would probably apologize to the old man for one hell of a mess. Then I probably would hire some big ole New York City detectives to sort through all the intrigue.........because you know Manafort has been thinking he is so genius, that his media whores hung his ass out to dry in outing him as the one who leaked the Lewandowski street corner shouting match.

Just can't  trust anyone now. Next thing you have the kinder having those New York finest monitoring this road show in making all communications come through them.

The Lame Cherry is going to post something on July 3rd, as a proof that Donald Trump is going to be President. Mr. Trump has to understand that he is going to win this thing and to just trust in God. He does not need any of his new buddies or manipulators. He just needs to trust in God.

Those who are behind this showed their handlers. The Trump kinder know the strings attached and have been made fools of in public.

I wonder what happens when the Lame Cherry emancipates the marionettes.