Thursday, June 23, 2016

To Criminalize Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is Clinton and Bush intrigue taking place and that insane little cuck Dave Blount spilled the story to alert everyone of the plot as Blount is deranged in all things Donald Trump.

The basis of this is simply to criminalize Donald Trump, so that New York State under leftist Gov. Andrew Cuomo will indict Donald Trump on "fraud", so it will be a neutralization of Hillary Clinton indicted for everything from murder to being a traitor on Emailgate.

While lawyers say Trump could be liable in a number of states for false claims, the official most likely to take up the matter would be Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York, where Trump resides and is already the defendant in a consumer fraud case brought by the state over Trump University.

Blount is such a nutty cuck for Clinton, that he drools over stories like this, in not getting it, that Hillary Clinton's first to do list is to have morons like Dave Blount commit suicide by shooting himself 5 times. That is Blout's terminal madness though.

There is something in this though which the heroic Guciffer 2.0 has been releasing, which adds to the pile of Clinton crimes, because even the DNC is investigating Mrs. Clinton.
There will not be any mention of this from trolls like John Fund or Dave Blount.

The devil is in the details, as one examines Mrs. Clinton's "speaking fees".

Along with Clinton’s tax returns, personal financial disclosure reports, and U.S. Senate travel records, the DNC dossier included copies of contract documents related to the presidential candidate’s paid speeches.
In addition to a “standard” $225,000 fee, Clinton required a “chartered roundtrip private jet” that needed to be a Gulfstream 450 or a larger aircraft. Depending on its outfitting, the Gulfstream jet, which costs upwards of $40 million, can seat 19 passengers and “sleeps up to six.” Clinton’s contract also stipulated that speech hosts had to pay for separate first class or business airfare for three of her aides.
As for lodging, Clinton required “a presidential suite” and up to “three (3) adjoining or contiguous rooms for her travel aides” and up to two extra rooms for advance staff. The host was also responsible for the Clinton travel party’s ground transportation, meals, and “phone charges/cell phones.”
Additionally, the host also had to pay “a flat fee of $1000” for a stenographer to create “an immediate transcript of Secretary Clinton’s remarks.” The contract adds, however, “We will be unable to share a copy of the transcript following the event.”

To explain this in IRS terms, perks as much as a bag of M & M's are income according to the IRS. The Hillary Clinton tax records must account for paying her employees, as the employees or Mrs. Clinton must list as income, airplane tickets, rooms, meals and phones, as this is income.

This gets even more interesting as Mrs. Clinton is responsible to Social Security for those payments concerning these "employees" including a stenographer, as that is income, and it must be filed as tax payments.

In addition as Rush Limbaugh notes in being from New York, that if you simply fly over that state or take crap in toilet, the auditors will be demanding their New York share, as Mrs. Clinton is a resident of New York State.

While tax evasion is small compared to espionage and murder, it is something that the democratic politicians of New York will have to answer for in attacking President Donald Trump, in a criminal persecution of Mr. Trump, while the same scrutiny is not being enforced on Bill and Hillary Clinton in their crimes of the Clinton Foundation and tax evasion in New York State.

The cuck Dave Blount is too deranged to note this, but the certain point in this, in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, election fraud by the democratic party in seeking to indict Donald Trump in order to offset the criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton.

Now once again you know the Cucks for Clinton intrigue. Yes it is nuts and I look forward to the day the Justice Department indicts these cucks, these Clintons and the democrats for this criminal collusion.

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