Wednesday, June 22, 2016

People like Hillary Clinton better when She Sounds Dead

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I was trying to figure out just what it is that Hillary Clinton is trying to convey in her MONOTONE DRONE speeches, which are absolutely lifeless, and reminded me first of the blue haired old teacher from school who filled in when the real teacher was gone.

You remember those horrid days. It was a complete waste of time, as the blue haired old bag tried to convince you that they were the teacher, and kept telling you things that the real teacher taught you two months before, as she had this pleading undertone in her voice of, "Please like me. I hate you. You hate me, but please like me as I am bored with life and I thought torturing children for 8 hours a day would give meaning to my life."

That just did not fit completely though as I was once again listening to the MONOTONE DRONE of Hamrod Clinton, telling her applause sign audience again, "This is exhibit Donald Trump, from the New York era, notice his appearance, to not be confused with my appearance, because I am on this side of the glass conducting this tour."

Yes Hillary Clinton does sound like a Smithsonian Institute guide. You know the one whose main purpose in life is to get back to their little office and and not work for a living, and puts up with those horrid tours which make certain the tourists come back?"
Sure you do.

That is what is puzzling to me, because the Clintons have spent probably over one hundred million dollars on polls their entire careers. They do not walk on a beach if a poll does not say it will be positive.
That is why it is puzzling to me, because I just can not comprehend what kind of polling group, because they are diversified, was shown Hamrod being Marian the Librarian, and that is what Hispanics just went taco over, as much as blacks pulled out the fried chicken for a picnic, crusty old dykes got out the vibrator, modern feminists started filing their nails, and guys from Muslims to perverts, just gave Hillary the spike up, in that is exactly what they wanted.

Sure this is Hillary trying to sound "not like Trump", but seriously Bernie Sanders appealed to his audiences in being more lively than Morgue Room Marcia out on the slab with a toe  tag.

So Hillary spent a fortune to fine tune a message, where she would sound like tone on Coordinated Universal Time, and this is what will appeal to voters?

As I thought about all of this, I drifted back to those wonderdays in Moscow, when a day with a party official went something like that:

Comrade, you look very worker in your party suit. It is much better than that decadent, flashy American suit of John Kennedy. Your wife of 300 pounds is so much better to keep you warm in frigid winter, than that skinny Jackie Kennedy.
Such waste to have a home and yacht at Hyannis Port. Is much better to go home to apartment and share community toilet with pigs and keep warm by beating one's arms than sailing.
Yes Comrade we are superior to the Americans in every way. They have riots while we have peace in sending our refuseniks to the gulag.

That is what Hillary Clinton reminds me of really........well if you throw in that tone of that nasty old pervert down the street who had that threatening tone while they were trying to get under Ashley Judd's skirt.

That is MONOTONE DRONE Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is a mix of perversions in old communists that Americans used to laugh at and reject........including the applause lines that light up and her crowds on cue show some life, which really is the most disconcerting thing about Hillary Clinton........the deadly undertaker waiting room silence in her speeches, which keep being broken by applause like living children riding by on a bike to distract you.

No, I will never understand the appeal of a woman who lies to an audience so desperate to hear a lie. I do understand that after the disaster of Obama Clinton policies, that all of these people hoped in, that these people do not want to admit they hired the wrong leftists and policies, because what do you go home to after all of that as the cupboard is bare?
Seriously, at least Susan Sarandon dumped her dufus husband, dumped Hillary and supported 900 year old Bernie Sanders, as at least he had some life in him, but how does anyone convince themselves with Hillary Clinton laid out on the slab, a toe tag on her, the pretty zipper on her chest, Bill making a date with the Energizer, and an iphone is playing a speech of Hamrod not yet tits up, that there is life in this woman's future?

Hillary Clinton is so politically dead, that Richard Nixon is the live one in the room.

I honestly feel pity for the paid operatives of the democratic party, who mind the destitute by lying to them, and what they have to look forward to is sloppy seconds and cheap thrills from Hillary Clinton. Sitting in Red Square as comrades Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in their party suits get the perks while the democrats wonder who will be the next Vince Foster is really depressing.

I can honestly tell by the on cue applause though that the democrats are thinking as they listen to Hillary Clinton drone on about Donald Trump things like, "My god, I pity Bill Clinton. That woman would have drove anyone nuts...........and that Donald Trump......great looking wife, his ex wives adore him, his children are better than my children.....he is rich, he is handsome, people like him..........that is the life I should have, but all I have is old Hillary."

All they have is Montone Drone, old Hillary.

Yes Mrs. Clinton, we polled our rats in the cage, and for 1 million dollars, they have told us that they hate you, but if you act like you are dead on stage giving speeches, people will like you better........until of course they see Donald Trump, then they want to be like him. 

Maybe Mrs. Clinton could put Huma on stage to give Hillary speeches an "in stereo" effect to help, as she just sounds in that monotone drone, in one of her speakers sounds out.

- Lame Cherry

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