Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sugar and Spiced and not so Niced

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that Roger Stone with Paul Manafort, in the assistance of Reince Priebus have cut off the one objective political ally Donald Trump has had in Corey Lewandowski, it is time to publish a White Paper analysis of the Trump campaign, with some warnings to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been the subject of a well rooted intelligence campaign. The basis of it was the 100 Days to destroy Donald Trump in the primaries, and phased into the  No Man's Land before the convention, in trigger a story on the Mexican judge in the Trump University suit, and then creating a host of "polls" which by design were geared to show fictional polling drops in Donald Trump's numbers.

The conduits in this were Paul Manafort to seize control of the Trump campaign, by creating friction with Corey Lewandowski, along with appealing to the weak link in the Trump operation, Ivanka, and her husband, who are the Big Jew backers, as Reince Priebus played the artful dodger distracting Donald Trump from this psychological operation.

I have known for some time that Ivanka  Trump is the weak point in the Trump campaign, and have eluded to it. This child has never held a real job, never dealt with real people, never had shit under her fingernails from work and is absolutely void of any understanding or comprehension of Corey Lewandowski's Pollack America or the Flyover Country Americans.
Ivanka Trump is fine in the world of glass and the name behind Trump, but she couldn't brain shoot a rabid skunk to save her life. She is void of the existential experiences which make the Trump voting base the Trump voting base.

The perception inside Trump’s inner circle was that “Corey was trying to isolate Trump and cut him off from even Ivanka and Jared,” said a longtime Trump business associate who speaks to the family and its representatives regularly. “That was overstepping his bounds.”
Ivanka Trump, who for months had expressed misgivings about Lewandowski’s temperament and qualifications for the job, last week grew increasingly resolute in her calls for his termination, according to several people in and around the campaign and the family. One person close to the campaign said it got “to the point where she was going to distance herself from the campaign if Corey didn’t go.”

It was Ivanka who was targeted by this MKULTRA psychological manipulation and she responded exactly as the GOPliters knew she would. These Trump children can taste the Presidency. They were first concerned  about their business brand in making money, but when they discovered the old man might win this, then they swooped in as 20 year old something children, deeming they knew all about political campaigns, because the political operatives sent to manipulate them were confirming that lie to them.
So  Tierra and Little Lord Fauntlerboys were triggered, and set upon the old man, to get perform the Coup on Corey. Roger Stone knows his business well from that fag Roy Cohen, and has been trying to seize control of this operation since he was ousted, and now it has worked.

It was without remedy what those Trump children did in dismissing Mr. Lewandowski.  The idea of security waiting for him, to humiliate him  and escort him from the building. Like the trashing of that old Butler, it was too damned much, but that is the kind of bullshit these children get caught up in.
........and yes my chances of ever hunting with Don jr. as I had hoped one day are being flushed, but Donald Trump has walked into something and whether he thinks he can out play the art of the deal he just was dealt, it only reveals a weakness on his part, that he had to resort to such actions.

Personally, I would watch Katrina Pierson. How she rises and falls will reveal a great deal about her, because Lewandowski was the last bulwark for normal people, as what we have now in place in the Trump organization are these children, being manipulated by the Roy Cohen masters, who learned their trade from the start of this back in the 1960's in the Rockefeller imports, and it is now all political operatives, who are not going to quit squeezing out the competition or triggering Trump siblings, to get their way.
Just confirm to these children what daddy told them, and they would do just about anything a programmer would ask for.........and yes a programmer could in time, convince Ivanka to throw her old man into prison for  the "good of the family label".
Manafort’s allies circulated rumors about Lewandowski’s personal life and had a hand in planting a suggestive item about his emotional argument with a campaign staffer in a New York tabloid, according to a person with direct knowledge of how the item came to be.
Yes Paul Manafort is a dirty bastard who kept sticking the knife in until he obtained  control as that is what he is about, and for those three Trump children, the day they get out of line, they had better not been divulging any of their less than kosher secrets or they will be blackmailed  into line or end up indicted.
Joel Skoursen was warning about Manafort for months in his appearances on Jeff Rense, and that warning has now come true.
So in review, I never signed onto this to see Donald Trump hijacked by the cartel in a clever intelligence operation. I stated that I would not support another political group who were anti American as the American genocide is in full swing.
I never was paid by the Trump campaign and I am never going to be rewarded, because I am a toxic sapper in the wire, who people like to use, and forget about once they are in the cocktail crowd with their clean hands. I do work for God though and I do deal in the Truth.
The best I will do is answer to God. My mission was to stop Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton for a chance for Americans to survive in more numbers than 10%, as a global war is coming and the Great Tribulation, and this world is going to be winnowed. I still intend to work to stop the election theft by Hillary Clinton and I will work for an outcome to alert all that these fraud polls that the Trump children bit on, are by design as the Lame Cherry exposed in another exclusive in matter anti matter, to put a GOPlilter Vice President onto the ticket at the convention........that is what this fraud convention upheaval is about that Reince Priebus and Paul Manafort are about in installing Romney conduits. It is all about putting another HW Bush on the ticket, so Donald Trump can go into cardiac arrest about 9 months into his campaign like Reagan and JFK assumed the position.
The Trump children can now be fully credited for digging a grave for their old man, while the adults are trying to keep him out of a grave.

That is the reality of what is taking place before our witness. I was attempting to not cause a problem in the Trump campaign nor to humiliate Mr. Trump over these children being the weak link, being manipulated to manipulate him. It is best now that this all be out in the open, so these culprits can not operate in the darkness and in this, focus  the objective on placing a loyal female to Donald  Trump in the Vice Presidential slot.
I still say it is Jamie Beutler or Cathy Rogers, as get them to be genuine in private and promise it in public to enact the entire Trump agenda, and that will help keeping Mr. Trump above ground.

This is all plain as the noses on your face now, and you can see it, now that the Lame Cherry pointed all of this out, which I have been hinting at for some time. Donald  Trump now has a problem. He has Paul Manafort and Reince Priebus manipulating him through his children. Mr. Trump's children are conditioned now to do the bidding of their controllers.

Rectifiers: Include Corey Lewandowski with the addition of Dick Morris as sounding boards, before any final decisions are made. Understand that the Trump children are conduits now of the GOPliters and that the GOPliters are moving the Trump campaign.

Blessed deep hole you tossed yourself into there, and now you want me to pull the rabbit out of the hat again by God to save you.

- Lame Cherry

There is a majority now highly agitated over Corey  Lewandowski and the manipulators designed it that way to cause this. The majority now is being made aware of the programme. 
The majority now is aware of your operations till after the convention, so you are pinned down by your protocols.