Monday, June 6, 2016

Perhaps thank me Later

Don't Mess With The Donald

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By God's Grace, you might have noticed not along ago that blovenous Newt Gingrich had fatted his way into the Trump stakes for Vice President.

You might have noticed that Jeff Rense was upset about this, as was any American, when Newt kept referring in Reverse Speech by David John Oates to having Trump dragged out by his feet, after Newt was demanding to be President and Mr. President could just be window dressing.

So the Lame Cherry decided to do something about this.

Oh my, look at something being done:

Trump calls scolding by Newt Gingrich 'inappropriate ...

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump said Monday it was "inappropriate" for Newt Gingrich to demand he drop the subject of an American judge's ethnicity and start acting like "a ...

I would like to thank those who have donated. I do not mean to be excuses, but as of late I do not know what day of the week it is. That ball oozer Ted Cruz took a great deal out of me. He was more of a challenge than low energy Jeb.

So any way, by God's Grace, another day, another doing a little fine tuning on the high performance engine of Trump RPM in saving our Leader again.

Yes I did mention the scent of Dole permeating the Trump campaign, not pineapple, but the Dole operatives. It would make sense in a big way as old HW sabotaged the Dole operatives along with ooze baller Bill Clinton.

Manafort and now Jim Murphy. Will be paying attention to the RPM in this engine as one never knows.

Okie Dokie to coin an image Obama phrase, just reminding all of you children who have been setting on your lees as you thought this was won, that there is a long way to travel to 1600 Penn. You can thank me later as by God's Grace the time line was changed again for the good.

Time to trim the fat, Newt today, Hillary Clinton tomorrow.

PS: Did you see the AP pronounced Hillary the "nominee" without the votes? That probably means that Bernie Sanders is going to sweep the Democratic primaries in a landslide tomorrow.

Been nice to schie├čen die schei├če with ya'll but got packs and saddles and looking at riding that fat wave past November.

No need to sing.........

Yupper, thank the popular girl later...........I'll thank you now.

...As you all missed it, in another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, fat boy Newt Gingrich in his mouthing off has been sent in by the GOPliters to disrupt Sheldon Adelson's funding for Donald Trump.

Bet you missed that eh.