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PJ Manafort

candidate Donald Trump's political strategist Paul Manafort ...

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Forgive the reality check here, but I am just reviewing a few things here in my mind, because I feel like the livestock in Animal Farm looking up at the barn wall at the 10 Commandments of Marxism, and somehow what I am reading now is not how I remember it at all.

For example, I remember it was Corey Lewandowski who let Trump be Trump, rose him in the polls, gave him victory after victory starting with New Hampshire, and was first brushed aside for Paul Manafort, because Paul Manafort was the only one who could handle the delegates at the Republican convention.........

I know I read that Paul Manafort won Indiana, but I seem to recall that it was Mr. Trump who at the start of Indiana, crushed Ted Cruz and John Kasich, as Mr. Trump had secured the nomination simply by momentum at that time.

It seems odd that the more Corey Lewandowski was blamed, like protecting Donald Trump from Paul Manafort's Rick Wiley who was sabotaging the campaign in Florida and other states by not returning people's phone calls...........that somehow in the Manafort era, we have the following:

A Delegarch plot at the convention...when Manafort was supposed to be the master of the delegates.

Reince Priebus playing good cop to distract Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan playing bad cop to force Donald Trump to pick an insider as Vice President.

And then there is Paul Manafort planting print assassination stories against Corey Lewandowski. Then there is Paul Manafort manipulating those Trump toddlers, to get them to fire Corey Lewandowski and to humiliate him by using security to escort him from the building, and sending a message to the Trump supporters that none of them is worth a damn.

I seem to conclude from the facts that Paul Manafort has been a disaster for Donald Trump, in psychologically abusing Mr. Trump's children, and hijacking the Trump campaign for the GOPliters, but quite successful in making things more difficult for Mr. Trump.
Yes Paul Manafort, Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan.......well it was Manafort who was molesting the Trump children in Tierra and Little Lord Fauntlerboys, while Reince Priebus was distracting daddy and Paul Ryan was dressed in a rain coat, driving by slowly in his flasher van.

In review of the facts, Paul Manafort hired saboteur Rick Wiley. Paul Manafort has overseen a delegate false flag to install a GOPliter VP on the Trump ticket. Paul Manafort has been changing Donald Trump from a vibrant campaigner to a story book teleprompter reader. Paul Manafort ran a psyops on the Trump children. Paul Manafort smeared Corey Lewandowski to get him fired.

Seriously, if one put Ted Cruz's name in place of Paul Manafort's, you would swear that this was the old Cruz criminal campaign for Hillary Clinton's installation for 2016.

I could mention how Paul Manafort helped destroy Bob Dole's Presidential run against Bill and Hillary Clinton, by never attacking Bill Clinton and trying to nice that presidency to defeat. But this story is a better reflection of Paul Manafort, and it explains why he had no problem using psychological warfare against the Trump waifs.

K. Riva Levinson, a new lobbyist traveling on a rickety Kenya Airways 707 to war-ravaged Mogadishu, was poised to ink a contract with a potential client — “a murderous dictator,” she recalls — named Siad Barre.  

The man who sent her: Paul Manafort, her then-boss, who is now Donald Trump campaign’s chairman and chief strategist. 

“We all know Barre is a bad guy, Riva. We just have to make sure he’s our bad guy,” she recalls Manafort telling her back in 1989 as she set off for Somalia.

Seriously, Paul Manafort sends in a young White woman to darkest Africa, home to Black Hawk Down in Americans dragged through the streets and takes as a client a state terrorist. Explains exactly what Paul Manafort is and perhaps why Donald and Ivana Trump should not be exposing their children to Uncle Paul.

For those who care to know what kind of danger Donald Trump has just been exposed to, here are a few more insights into Paul Manafort.

Manafort accepted $900,000 yearly to lobby for Ferdinand Marcos

Manafort received $700,000 from the Kashmiri American Council between 1990 and 1994, supposedly to promote the plight of the Kashmiri people. However, an FBI investigation revealed the money was actually from Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence agency as part of a "false flag" operation to divert attention from terrorism. A former Pakistani ISI official claimed Manafort was aware of the nature of the operation.

Manafort wrote the campaign strategy for Edouard Balladur in the 1994 elections, and admitted to having been paid under the table[10] (at least $200,000). The money was transferred to him through his friend, Lebanese arms-dealer Abdul Rahman al-Assir, from middle-men fees paid for arranging the sale of three French Agosta class submarines to Pakistan, in a scandal known as the Karachi Affair

In 2010, under Manafort's tutelage, the opposition leader put the Orange Revolution on trial, campaigning against its leaders' management of a weak economy. Returns from the presidential election gave Yanukovych a narrow win over Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, a leader of the 2004 demonstrations. Yanukovych owed his comeback in Ukraine's presidential election to a drastic makeover of his political persona and, people in his party say, that makeover was engineered in part by his American consultant, Manafort.[16]
In February of 2014, Yanukovych was overthrown by violent protests and a Parliamentary vote and fled to Russia.

 The constant reality of PJ Manafort is that he is a political paid assassin. Morals never get in the way of who hires you or how your policy will start World War III or African genocide. In that though is the problem in Mr. Trump turned over 20 million dollars to Paul Manafort in April, and by June, Mr. Trump was having donation problems as Manafort bled the campaign dry, the GOPliters never appeared with the donations which were promised.

In all of this, we have those pesky facts again that Donald Trump appears to be paying Paul Manafort, but all the the disasters which link back to Paul Manafort, it seems someone hired Paul Manafort first and he is working for them against Donald Trump.

Personally, I did not sign onto this to have Paul Manafort engineer an assassination against Mr. Trump sometime in 2017 AD, so Manafort's, Ryan's and Priebus' stooge would be the next HW Bush in power, thwarting the Republican base again.
I never signed on to being in bed with a soulless hack who throws female political leaders in Ukraine into the dungeons and sends other young women off to make deals with terrorists in Africa.

In any of the above, I promise you, that if you pulled what Paul Manafort did, you would be in prison for 20 years to life. Looking at this offspring of Roy Cohn, and his start with Gerald Ford, who was the point man to cover up the John Kennedy assassination in the Warren Commission, I have no doubts that Paul Manafort is an intelligence asset, who was attached to Gerald Ford as a minder for that group in the CIA who was covering up what happened in Dallas and everywhere else when that Ashkenaz operation was engaged and entrapped Americans. Paul Manafort has been sent in to mind the store and to sabotage other campaigns.

The Trump children can not be blamed, as they are sheep in the fold, in having no idea the levels of workings which this offshoot of MKULTRA and the Mockingbird nestlings are capable of. All they know is they did the dirty work and got blamed for it, as Paul Manafort, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus are on the inside now in having been vouched for by the Trump children.

My objective is the same. I work for God. I work for the defeat of Hillary Clinton to save America from World War IV. I have protected Mr. Trump several times in risking my life and do so again now in pointing out the above.
I simply though will not allow this GOPliter plot to go on without being exposed. It is plain once all of this is pointed out. Having the Trump Presidency hijacked by a 1950's type group of coup plotters whose main objective is banana republics in a world of Obama color commie revolution for black market profits is unacceptable.

A great deal of time and resources have been invested by the cartel in the above. No one in the public is to be aware of what you have just read.........and it being all public, it should alert you to why is not Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz raising hell about Manafort? It is because this is the insider junta and they protect one another.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.