Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Years of Hillary Clinton

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Considering that Hillary Clinton has just finished her second congenital Presidency, in being the first domestic co President of Bill Clinton and the first foreign co President of Barack Obama, it is a measure of the 2016 elections to review, exactly what the Obama Clinton legacy is.

1. The largest refugee displacement of people on the planet in world history.

2. The reintroduction to America the plague diseases of the 1930's from scarlet fever to bubonic plague, from the diseased refugee influx.

3. A culture of 3rd world rape, from Europe to America in the Obama Clinton "immigrants".

4. With the Clinton Obama reset button with Russia, Russia is now openly engaged in nuclear threats against the United States.

5. Islamic state and nuclear terror.

6. North Korean state and nuclear terror.

7. China launching her nuclear fleet into the American Pacific.

8. Thousands of American Soldiers dead, tens of thousands more wounded.

9. Record numbers of foreigners now employed in American jobs.

10. Record numbers of non Americans born in the United States.

11. 20 trillion dollars in Obama debt spending.

12. NATO engaged in aggression against Russia.

13. Mrs. Clinton under FBI investigation over criminal racketeering in her Email server scandal.

14. America in the longest depression in history.

15. A succession of mass casualty Islamic terror attacks inside the US.

16. The shattering of the European Union.

In review of the above, Sheik Ossama bin Laden, could not accomplish any of the above to destroy America, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama in deliberate policy to change America and the world to what they believed in, accomplished far worse, than the most hunted fugitive in world history.

One could add domestic policy of Obamacare which is Hillarycare, the deplorable suicide rate of Veterans and White Americans and the mass murder of Blacks in American cities, as all part of the Hillary Clinton vision for America, which Barack Hussein Obama has implemented.
All of this though is the Hillary Clinton legacy.

Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton, as compared to the disaster of the Obama Clinton regime for America, Bill Clinton brought America paradise. Literally America did not surive two terms of the Obama regime. Literally Americans will not survive a 3rd Obama term in the guise of Hillary Clinton, as the American people are facing genocide, as Hillary Clinton's first objective is to start a war with Vladmir Putin which will begin  World War IV.

There is not any Sweet 16 in  the Hillary Clinton legacy with Barack Hussein Obama. There is only the 16 accomplished policies which America's enemies dream of being able to destroy America with in just one attack,  and the fact is Mrs. Clinton has been a co conspirator in the greatest assault upon America and Americans in her history.

I had hoped that Bernie Sanders would evolve into a voice of reason, but even he has come under the "promises made" from image Obama and Mrs. Clinton, if he just herds his trusting supporters to vote for their own genocide under Mrs. Clinton.

World genocide is the legacy of Hillary Clinton. Stopping her in 2016 is the objective of a world trying to survive the Obama Clinton years.

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