Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pollack Envy: The Corey Lewandowski Syndrome

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These racist attacks against Corey Lewandowski must end and the Lame Cherry rises to call on Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department to prosecute those profiled Mr. Lewandowksi with hate, just because he is a hot headed Pollack.

The world has had nothing but a deluge of Pollack jokes, because Pollacks are so brilliant they can not do simple know like a Pollack can Madam Currie cure cancer or something, but have problems screwing in a light bulb.

Corey Lewandowski is this kind of Pollack. He can get Donald Trump the GOP nomination, but in trying to protect Mr. Trump from Michelle Fields assaulting Mr. Trump, he was not clever enough to know a woman would put eye shadow on her arm and take pictures.

I have Pollacks for neighbors. Sure they are hot headed and stupid, but damn can they make money. I swear they could make a fortune in an Obama Super Depression, and by God they do. They are Catholic you know, but I don't know what faith Mr. Lewandowski is.

We actually have Lewandowski's around here. They reproduce and cause no trouble. They are good Americans......I mean they are not curing cancer or electing Donald Trump as President, but that only means Corey Lewandowski is a top notch Pollack when it comes to Pollacks.

So I celebrate Corey Lewandowski getting a knife in his back from PJ Manafort and he bounces right back and gets paid 500,000 dollars by CNN, and exposes that CNN is filled with racists too, which of course violates all sorts of Justice Department rules.

Look just because Democrats in Chicago shoot blacks like pigs at a Ted Nugent video hunt, does not make it right, and it is not right when liberals and GOPliters gang up on Corey Lewandowski, because he is a hot headed Pollack. That is racial profiling and I would not be a bit surprised if a clever attorney might have Corey Lewandowski owning CNN if those skirts and pansies there keep up their racist attacks on him.

Even Huffington Post should be put on lawsuit alert as that stalker Michelle Fields is attempting to smear Corey Lewandowski in depriving him of his earning a living. That is not smart and might end up in Michelle Fields going to prison, along with all of these other racists who suffer from Pollack Envy.

I hope that Mr. Lewandowski signs a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama book deal worth millions on top of the CNN salary. I am sure he could market all sorts of things..........he has an immense fan base of people who appreciate his talents, and see him as a human, and not as a Pollack who must be racially attacked for being a Pollack.

I mean calling Mr. Lewandowski hot headed as a Pollack is like calling Bernie Sanders a tight Jew, or Michelle Obama a dumb Nig. None of which is really bad as it is honest, but when it thwarts Mr. Lewandowski being able to keep a job in Paul Manafort planting stories about Mr. Lewandowski yelling at an employee............then it is like Paul Manafort talking about Hillary Clinton and tampon PMS or image Obama not being able to walk and chew gun as the same time. When the slurs interfere with Mr. Lewandowski being able to keep a job or hold a job, then it is a criminal offense against Corey Lewandowski, as much as any Muslim..............wait that is not a race but a religion............against wait that is a sex act and there is no Homoland like Poland.

Well I am sure there are laws protecting Poles from being racially attacked in hate crimes and that is the point.

So the Lame Cherry congratulates Corey Lewandowski on his high paying job. I hope after taxes that he takes home 400,000 this year with his Trump salary, and puts it into something  safe so he will be rich forever.

This Pollack Envy must stop, and the racial hatred of Corey Lewandowski in this Syndrome of POLOPHOBIC attacks against him must cease or the criminal justice system must weigh in and protect him, and fine Huffington Post for employng a stalker like Michelle Fields.

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