Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Pedophile Presidents, Clinton and Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have refrained commenting on the molestation of a retarded child in Idaho, as I simply did not have the time. The facts of the story are simply that we will never know everything, except for the eye witness testimony of what appears a teenage Muslim pervert filming, to other under age boys naked, who had stripped an American girl and pissed on her.

While everyone is focusing on how degenerate this is and now the Obama appointed DA issuing threats against people posting on this, there is something more to the point in this.

The focus should not be on why Wendy Olson is threatening Americans over Islamic child molesters. The focus should be on why is Wendy Olson protecting pedophilia?
That is the crux of this entire criminal case, because this has always been about legalizing rape of children. It is why Hillary Clinton was moving to emancipate children from their parents as co President, and why the John Kerry daughters in 2004 at the DNC change the declaration from a "woman's choice" to a "child's choice".

The Obama regime, the Hillary Clinton campaign is legally protecting pedophilia in this case. Not just protecting child molestation, but are promoting it as a coming part of what will be legalized in America under Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan.

I have warned that from the beginning of this, that homosexuals did not amount to cum drip in this. They were a means to an end. The end being the Obama regime going whole hog in legalizing every pervert in America and exposing them in little girl stalls peeing in bathrooms.
That is what this is all about. It is conditioning the public by societal rape for what is coming, the wholesale rape of American children, as European are being raped. That extreme fixed and protected, there will be initiated a law of  "child love is protected when the child agrees, but it will be vigorously prosecuted (probation) when the poorer caste rapes children who are destined for the Hillary Clinton elite donors".

With that disgusting reality now being typed, it feels like it is time to go wash my hands.

Once again, Lame Cherry proven right again, and once again, Lame Cherry explaining the story in matter anti matter exclusives.

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