Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rest in Priebus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog has labored and been endangered for the Trump horizon point as President. I have made certain to not divulge the forensic psychology or provide any material to be used to be exploited by the GOPliters to be used against him.......for the simple reason he is America's last opportunity lessen the blow of the Great Tribulation.
The Lame Cherry is not so Ted Cruz booger insane to think I have the luxury of pissing and moaning about hurt feelings as Cruz voters tantrum over yet, when my life is at stake.

The decapitation of Corey Lewandowski though is a measure which confirmed what the Lame Cherry warned of, in the people with Mr. Trump's trust and ear, were the weak point, and that means, Tierra  and the Lord Fauntlerboy children of Mr. Trump.

In another exclusive, I can tell you that Mr. Trump lost that deal, as the Mockingbird has been feeding mind buzz to those children, and got them "wanting the presidency" so bad, that they got the old man to Coup des Corey.

Makes no difference to me the counter measures, because as I pointed out, the message was sent to Americans by the Trump campaign which was the wrong message.

This though is about another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matte and it is about his speed dial Reince Priebus, talking up the subterfuge of the GOPliter Delegarchs in putting up the first ballot to be open.

Why is that?

Ok short and sweet, Donald Trump told Bob Dole to crawl off and die with Newt Gingrich when that fraud was being promoted for 200 million dollars. So how do you get Donald Trump to do what you want? First you whisper to the children and panic them.......then you start this convention nonsense of an open first ballot, with an open balloter installed as chair.

I can tell you now that the Trump's are being played on equal terms in this and "an offer they can not refuse is being constructed", just like the press came to Ronald Reagan and told him to chose George HW Bush and the press would not give Reagan any trouble in the campaign.

The open ballot is the stick and Donald Trump is being presented a chosen stooge of the GOPliters in exchange for a first ballot nomination. If Donald Trump gets out dealt on this one, he is going to get an HW and as Jeff Rense has pointed out time and again, Donald Trump will probably have an induced heart attack, about 9 months into his Presidency, and be replaced by something as repulsive as Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or satan knows what as this is the scam which is now being psychologically induced to the campaign.

That is the exclusive and the revelation that Donald Trump was played by his own marionette children who have Uncle Mitch sending them luv texts moved Mr. Trump off position, now CNN and WashPo scent blood in the water from Lewandowski, and the next programme is this carrot and stick.

Those Trump children want that presidency for their old man. They can taste it, and that is why Tierra was played on the point of looking out for daddy. MKULTRA is deadly and at work in this. I do applaud the operatives behind this as they ran this in a life fire exercise and obtained exactly the results and position they desired.

Cockerboy Limbaugh was focusing on the first ballot and noting the Lewandowski coup, because that cuck recognized the subtle shift, like a sumo wrestling match.

Just informing you and letting the Trump campaign in on the situation as this was not a deal, this was a dealt.

Once again, two Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, for the price of no donations from the rich and elite, who think they can do this all without God.