Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump White Paper: Secretary General of Execution

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II Kings 25: 20 - 21

And Nebuzaradan captain of the gaurd took these, and brought them to the king at Riblah;
And the king of Babylon smote them, and slew them at Riblah in the land of Hamath. So Judah was carried away out of the land.

This was the Bible reading the Holy Ghost provided today and it fits the counsel posted here that a President Donald Trump, is going to have to appoint a Security General to apprehend this entire treacherous group in America who are behind all the intrigue, along with their media minders, and execute them in public, in order to survive or this group will do this to Mr. Trump and his children, Tierra and Little Lord Fauntlerboys.

For background on this, the King of Babylon had been extremely patient with the Jews. He had allowed them self government and to be free in their own land. To this, the Jews plotted rebellion, and when that was put down with a new king appointed by the Babylonian King, the princes and elders plotted another insurrection.

For this last act, Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon captured the Jewish King in flight, took him to Riblah, where the Jewish King watched all of his sons put to death, and then King Nebuchadnezzar cut out his eyes, so that was the last thing the Jewish King witnessed.

In the above verses, Nebuzaradan captured he hold outs, who refused to submit, from the priests, the scribes, to the officers of war, to those who assembled the people for war, and took them to Riblah where they were put to death.

The plotters against Donald Trump, suffer from a terminal madness. There is no reasoning with them. When faced with the genocide of America in invaders and world war with Russia, as it set up by Obama and Clinton, their rants and rage are all directed at Donald Trump.
This group is psychotic and there is no treatment for them, no more than the pedophile or militant homosexual. To put it plainly, President Donald Trump is going to have to appoint his own court system and executioners to rid America from them, because by their madness they are intent on national suicide

George W. Bush was destroyed by leaving the Clinton faction in power, which instigated 9 11. Richard Nixon failed at his enemy's list. Ronald Reagan was undone by HW Bush intrigue, in inviting the enemy within.

Mr. Trump in White Paper to deal with the Terminal Madness, is either going to have to draft through the courts every last one of the Bill Kristol and Paul Ryan types, put them under absolute martial law to silence them, dump them in Afghanistan to be KIA or Mr. Trump as President is going to have to make hanging courts, with a Security General who will make hangings so common the people will no longer care what dangles at the end of the rope.

That is the assessment, because those who are against Mr. Trump in the elite will destroy him and his family in the next few years to make an example of him to others, while they unleash the Muslim and Mexican rape cock in rural America, criminalizing Americans who fight back.
For the ugly mob appearing on Facebook to National Review, they have left their standard in their ISP's. They are mad, psychotic beyond psychological treatment in being enemies of America and setting up a course for the genocide of every American and the beginning of a global war against Russia and China. Those are all criminal acts of Nuremberg dimensions.

It is now up to Donald Trump to make the decision as President, because this is what it will require to survive, and his supporters will have to make the decision to join President Trump, or they might as sick just give their children to foreign rapists and hand their cuddle firearms over to terrorists to blow their brains out with, because that is what is coming for those who refuse to understand, and think this insanity from the anti Trump asylum is going to end without numbers of people dying legally in courts or dying in war in the street.

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