Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sir Thomas Mair: 21st Century Guy Fawkes

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V for Vendetta was the cry of the liberal for a savior from Big Brother, and yet when the 21st century Guy Fawkes arose against the dictator state, the left fell absolutely silent in rising to the defense of their savior Sir Thomas Mair, because the left was behind the anal genocide of the English in Jo Cox's bending at the waist for Muslim invaders to England.

Think of it, in the Briton, the Pict, the Welsh, all rose against the invaders from the Roman, to the Saxon, to the Norman, to the Spanish, to the Nazi, and even in defeat they kept on, but when an Oliver Cromwell arose again in Sir Thomas Mair, announcing DEATH TO TRAITORS, in a battle cry which would have thundered in the same resounding tones of King Henry, the English police state and press, instead lynched the one Englishman who did not trust in the fraud elections run out of London, to accomplish the will of the Subjects in Brexit.

Guy Fawkes was a Catholic who rose up in the Gun Powder Plot to end Parliament. Oliver Cromwell rose up to defend the English from the same despots, even Winston Churchill could see the threat of being supplanted by the German Empire and Margaret Thatcher could warn of the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, and each of the above proved the fickleness of the British for some are revered, some are jailed and some had their heads dug out of their graves and placed on a pike by the criminal monarch regime.

The leftist in this world has joined the right, for Jo Cox was importing Muslim replacements of the English for the bankers of London, while David Cameron fresh from sodomizing pigs heads and being sodomized by the image of Barack Obama, was the police state protecting the Muslim rape cock, as Benedict Cumberbatch trolled on in his sodomite rants championing the genocide of European civilization.

The left is a psychopathy which is too cowardly to commit national genocide in detonating their own atomic weapons on themselves, but instead desires to be sodomized for their sins by Islamic rape cock. The right instead for 30 pieces of silver and their cocks shoved in pig mouths, relishes the Muslim rape cock of it's women and children.

In all of this, it was only Sir Thomas Mair, Lord Gardener, who rose to defend the English bloodlines from genocide, and has been lynched for it.
Sir Thomas is a reality as Sir Harold Godwinson and Elizabeth I, both would have knighted this English Hero for defense of God and Country, from foreign invasion, foreign intrigue, and foreign enslavement of the English Subject.

Sir Thomas is hereby knighted by the English Monarchs who lay in their graves having stood for England.

So the English mutton, with cunt exposed to the Islamic rape cock, in English genocide, lay flowers to their Jo Cox, but these fools are clueless in they lay memorials to their own graves. Either the will of Sir Thomas Mair lives on for England in Brexit, or England will be as dead as the traitor Jo Cox, to have her body dug up one day, so the Muslims can rape it, as the Islamist cock has been revealed to enjoy.

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 Perhaps these English women should try Lupines as all of this is fitting of some macabre Monty Python sketch of the English Twit.

The criminal state will try as in now proven right, Anders Breivik in his warnings, to link Sir Thomas to being insane and to white supremacy, but the fact is if Sir Thomas Mair is insane and a supremacist, so was King Henry V, so was King Henry VIII, so was Queen  Elizabeth I, so was Queen Victoria, so was Winston Churchill.

The fact is if Sir Thomas was a Muslim, the police state, media, regime and monarchy would be making excuses for him, including if he had raped the corpse, because it is all about Muslim oil money propping up London banks and traders, and the Muslim dope money laundered through Lord Rothschild banks for the royal cut.
Thomas Mair is being lynched for being an Englishman and if he was Islamic rape cock, he would be justified by the traitors of England for religious rage against the Christian West.

Let none doubt that.