Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tyler Kelly To Save A Patriot

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In considering all the smears which the US Attorney, the FBI and everyone in this federal regime for the conglomerate war on Americans, and what we have witnessed after in this witch hunt, it would be good to remember that a cousin of the Bundy's wrote to Governor Kate Brown in Oregon, attempting to save lives, with his experience with the Bundy family, in who they really were, in just Americans who loved America.

Tyler Kelly tried to save lives and now we have our minds assassinated by propaganda against these Patriots and LaVoy Finicum dead, and more of these Americans to die in prison, for the grand crime of exercising their Constitutional Rights.

These American Patriots never drew a weapon on anyone and never harmed a hair on any one's head.

Tyler Kelly
Troutdale, OR 97060-2118
My name is Tyler Kelly first cousin to Ammon, Ryan, and Mel Bundy. I worked with local
police and government officials during the Nevada standoff to try and help defuse the
situation. I do not agree with their decision to occupy federal property with arms, but I do
understand their history and where their deep ingrained mistrust of Government comes from.
My reason for writing to you today is to try and humanize these men in your eyes nobody in
the news, and no government officials that are briefing you on the situation will refer to these
men as individuals we like to throw everybody into groups in this case armed and violet
militia men. In my opinion this type of behavior caused the Nevada situation to escalate,
federal agents were briefed that they were going into a war zone that everybody involved
would kill a federal agent rather then look at them. I feel this one sided input will put
government officials at a great disadvantage in trying to make impartial decisions on how to
address the situation. As I explain please be patient with me, and try to keep a open mind.
The Bundys in my opinion are honorable and deeply religious family men, their miss trust
and vilification of the Federal Government is deeply ingrained due to upbringing and some
injustices. The letter of the law might say they are far right wing sovereign nation domestic
terrorist but please understand even that is true they are American citizens and have certain in
alienable rights. I believe proper handling of the situation could do a lot to restore the peoples
Faith in the Federal system. Now on the other hand improper or heavy-handed actions by the
Federal government could cause much larger groups of the people to believe that the Federal
system is not fixable. Making the Bundys views much more identifiable too much larger
portions of the people. I write this to try and help widen your perspective of the situation,
which I believe will help bring about a peaceful resolution. I do not intend and hope you will
not take any of my statements as threatening because that is not my intent. Please feel free to
contact me if I can be of any assistance. This letter is for those it has been sent to and shall
not be released publicly to anyone without written permission from me Tyler Kelly.
Tyler Kelly
Katherine Bartlett
Director of Constituent Services
Office of Governor Kate Brown
O: 503-378-6727