Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Moot Point

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In your heart, do you think that Thomas Mair, the English gardener who face shot Member of Parliament in England a hero or a felon, for the sake of Britain First?

I can ask you the same thing concerning Anders Breivik of Norway, now  that he has been proven exactly right in what he warned, is a Knight Prophet of Europe or a criminal in a prison?

I am asking each of you to question yourselves, as the Sanders Clinton voters like having the police state do their murdering for them in LaVoy Finicum or Gay Muslims in Orlando or Rahm Emanuel gunning down blacks in Chicago, as the right wing breast beaters chant about the Second Amendment in quoting the Founders.

Where is though the question in this, because Americans have already given the answer in on the left they want the police state to be their assassins and on the right they cuddle their guns like teddy bears for comfort.

Neither to a thing and make a gardener in England to be the greatest Patriot of the age.

We Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes And Our Sacred Honor ...

... 2014 will mark the 238th year of our nation's birth. As we celebrate the continuation of the most remarkable social experiment ... As we celebrate the 4th of ...

I am not challenging anyone to take up violence. I am though pointing out what you are. Above you have the squat assassins in Erick  Erickson, Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh, quoting 1776 things, but yet when was the last time you saw Bernie Sanders pick up a gun and shoot his problem or when was the last time you saw Rush Limbaugh pick up a golf club and beat a traitor to death, risking his life, his fortune and his freedom?

In writing this blog, I can tell you of the times that people want me to write things, but never want to be mentioned, because you see Lame Cherry can die for your keyboard patriotism, but your lives are far too precious with all you have to risk them for America.
I hear often this Sean Hannity putting two bullets between the eyes of some assailant. Yeah the minute the shooting starts, Sean Hannity would be running away using girls as human shields, and if he did stand around shooting, he probably would be like the cops in Orlando shooting the hostages.
Let Sean Hannity put two between the eyes, and a DA will indict him on that in murderous intent of premeditated thought.

Some popular girl with intelligence might tell people who are able to hit things they aim at under stress, to always make it look like it was an accident you hit what you were aiming at. You start putting two rounds into anyone who is not firing at you, and chances are you are going to prison for murder, as prosecutors focus on shot number two sending people over the rainbow.

I will give you a Lame Cherry poem to remember.

Once in the chest to slow them down
Once in the head to keep them on the ground

In defensive postures, you always put a bullet into the largest presentable area available in someone firing at you, and that includes their ass as you are exchanging fire.
Always hide behind something to stop a bullet as your body does not stop bullets, allow that something to anchor your arm for a steady shot in your peeking out, and then do not get your head blown off by a lucky shot.
You are not Rambo or Columbo in a gun fight. A gun fight is not about being fair, as one does not give a chance to someone trying to murder you. You do not try and get them to surrender by alerting them to give them an edge. If you have that time, then you run and let the cops get shot as that is what they get the donut wages for.
Fire at the button, not the body.

I have counseled all of you to not present yourselves as targets. That means not going to gay bars, no Disney, no crowds. That means paying your taxes and not threatening anyone.

That stated, we return to what all of this is about, in none of your MOG leaders have taught you a thing, nor have any of them provided the example of Thomas Mair, to educate the public. Instead, all of us have instead had the MOG's planting conditioning stories to harm our only deliverer in President Elect Donald Trump.

Which brings us to what have you decided?

I have decided that America as it is, is a rotten corpse and is not worth fighting for. The only action now available is Donald  Trump being elected and backed by 40 million loaded guns. That is the only acceptable 8 year plan, and then Mr. Trump is required to appoint a Benaniah to perform state executions of these traitors in media, in conglomerates, in finance in the regime, to secure the blessings of liberty.

Barring that, the next opportunity would avail itself in some cartel created tan vs white civil war, or perhaps a nice Chinese Russian Invasion to provide cover for any civil discourse.

I will address something of the AR 15 as much as the AK 47. Both are better than handguns. The AK is too heavy, while the AR is adequate, but I detest semi autos in always jamming.......they are creatures which need lubrication worse than use up whore.
One must lube their AR's with a moly grease to make them behave.
A better choice is the pump Remington, but without that big donation that is out of normal people's reach.

A well regulated militia...........

One has to know how to shoot their weapon in any position. One has to know how to shoot it with the stock tucked to your side, as much as to the shoulder. They are handy weapons for gays hosing down other gays in Orlando, but a laser sight assists in the sometime position of the hip hosing.

Practice is necessary, as most police with practice can not hit anything as LaVoy Finicum's corpse proved. There is a vast difference from shooting at targets, to living things, to living things firing back at you. Some people never have the talent, others are gifted at it.

Logic states for the Patriot to wait, as their is not a Sam Adams about us agitating with martial force. All we have are police state assasssins and MOGs, like Tom Gresham and Sean Hannity bragging about two between the eyes, and of course they are all talk.
It is better to have the Mexican and Muslim armed, hosing down liberal enclaves, to give the cops time to finish their donuts or jacking off to drone footage of your little girl showering. Let the militant regime and the militant invader hose each other as Homeland puts out alerts on you, in what a threat you are.

Just be aware as you have a beer or wine cooler on your porch, of the minders trying to hijack you from Donald Trump deliverance, and watch the festivities. Feast on the gun battles as your new sport events. Assess the shots, critique the weapons, study the tactics, and stop being emotional about the wolves among the mutton.

Perhaps when President Vladmir Putin takes a conquering heroes shit in Norway and England he will let out Andres Breivik and Thomas Mair to be Putingent to mind the sheep for Russia. Until that festive time, just enjoy your being aware that you are now in combat each day, know the thrill that you are a target and each hour might be your last.
I still have to get a carry handgun, because wisdom teeth were the priority and the doc already was poking at that other broken tooth talking about filling it. What can I say, but I have the sexiest and most attractive teeth on the planet......people are just enticed and allured by them.

Do not be waiting though for Mark Levin or  whatever is in the left to save you. They are there to line you up to be shot by the invaders or police state, as that is the agenda.

Americans are conditioned to cuddle guns as their pacifier to not rise up as Americans did in 1776 AD in the year of our Lord. That is your salvation as one Thomas Mair is wasted, except for the example to the Brits that at least one Anglo Saxon still is alive.

I will conclude this with a reality, if you survive what is coming, that the realization in you will come to you without a thought, that face shooting a female enemy to finish her off, is going to not make you recoil as it does now, because that is what revolution is and what war is. That is why you do not make yourself a target and just drink your beer in your recliner while tapping on a keyboard, because the masses have not been psychologically raped and butchered enough to dispense with humanity.

Until your heart laughs uproariously as the French heart did in the majority of beheading a regime leader, and then presenting the head to the son, which that mob was about to hang, with the police state cowering in barracks, as the mob chants "Kiss Daddy",  it is best to stay home and pretend with Rush cockerboy Limbaugh that you have what it takes.

So until Sean Hannity starts blowing holes in Muslim heads,  Mexican heads and liberal heads, as he has the money to pay for the court costs of his advice, do not be goaded into sacrificing your precious lives for the 1%, as that is what they always instigate, whether it is Hillary Clinton sending in Chris Stevens to Benghazi for her or it is Tom Gresham gun talking about brain surgery with bullets.

Moses Trump is leading the American out of the bondage of Egyptian cowardice. They are in a wilderness of liberty still captive in thought as slaves.

- Lame Cherry