Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Sins of #NeverTrump

Look into my eyes.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I want to ask you something in laying the foundation of this, in having you answer a few questions which will put you in the mindset to understand something:

When you wrote your delegates did they write back or are you still waiting for a response?

When your child got married of course you invited Bill and Hillary Clinton and they came right?

When your parents died, of course Bill Gates sent you a huge bouquet of flowers? 

You probably answered NO to all of the above, because you are not someone like Robert Mercer who donates millions of dollars to Ted Cruz, and  Ted Cruz is calling you, like everyone else is calling you, to validate the little child which is inside of you.

Do you really think when the Koch brothers are donating millions or Foster Friess is having hunting trips to South Dakota for big name politicians and personalities, do you think it is just to leverage them for favors or could there be something more going on?

What do you think it is like being Donald Trump? He has politicians calling him. He is friends with the most powerful billionaires in the world. He has the media begging to interview him, and he is the one being pursued, like the popular girls and boys in high school.

Now most of us were not popular, and most of us, did not have rich parents, who paid for great parties, a great ride, and gave us the big allowance so we could buy friends.........and we the teachers left us alone, the cops left us alone, and we always got picked on first.

Think of that for a moment in how that would bug you inside, in knowing you only had advantage as a child, because of money, but you instead chose to believe the lie, that you were better than others and people really liked you for you and you also got into Harvard, because you were better.

It sort of would build in all the other powerful people were always smiling at you, always pretending to care about you when a family member died, because you of course in just pretending to care about others, were not like all these rich people, because they really do love you.

It would all make you feel good about yourself.  Make you secure right? It would be like Glenn Beck being hired to manage Ted Cruz, and people caring about your tweets, that you really believe you are in this community of those who have your iphones with the emails and phone numbers of people who you see in the media all the time, and they actually reply.

Now you have all of this, have built it like a fortress. You stand on the wall of this and inside you are delighted in looking down on all the other people who are like you, in they are not on the A list like how special you are.

Put yourself in Paul Ryan's position as Donald Trump enters this. Paul Ryan is a Foster Friess and Koch brothers hireling. He rises up, gets installed to Speaker in ruining John Boehner, and he gets calls that he does respond immediately to, as the children can sit bawling in dirty diapers, as you pick up the call from Big Koch on the first ring.
They tell you to resist Donald Trump and you do it, because you got Koch's protection and a 5 million dollar a year job bribe waiting for you, and you do it.

Consider this though in the people who have all these walls, all these layers, all these protections, all their money and power, which protects the little child in them, and Donald Trump appears and all of that disappears.

All the power of the billionaires disappears, because Donald Trump is a billionaire.

Wall Street and Obamastreet picked Jeb Bush, and the billionaires were humiliated in Bush's defeat........Cruz's defeat.........Rubio's defeat, and who remains, but Donald Trump, with that entire mob being validated by Donald Trump.....that same poor wretched mob, that the Letterman Cocktail Crowd makes fun of these hicks, and now this mob of nobodies is more important than all of those billions.

Does that start making a bit more sense in the vitriol and the insanity directed at Donald Trump? What you are witnessing is people who are unhinged because psychologically Donald Trump has left them naked and bare before the world. Everything these powerful people have constructed around them to hide them from the things that terrify them literally, has left them feeling absolutely unprotected.

Have you ever seen a cat, which has been displaced or their home is on fire? They go stark raving mad in no longer being recognizable. The same situation takes place and is taking place in the #NeverTrump individuals who are clinging to each other, trying to build some protection, as everything they thought they were, has just disappeared.

Did Donald Trump do anything in this to cause this? Not in the least deliberately. Donald Trump simply displaced the defenses which the powerful have set up for years, the security they enjoyed, the feeling inside that validated them, that they really were superior to the other 6,999,990,000 humans on the planet.

There is not a human on this planet who can not be unnerved and cracked in minutes if you know their triggers. The powerful people as you have witnessed often are easier to set off, than someone in a dubba wide watching NASCAR, because in many cases the smaller the child inside, the bigger the bank account.

I wrote before that by Inspiration I knew Donald Trump's triggers, but I will not use them. I do not state this to gloat, because that kind of knowledge is not something to exploit or use, due to consequences. I make the point that cockerboy Rush Limbaugh not that long ago whispered to his audience that Donald Trump's trigger was calling him a "loser" which the Cruz camp trolls fanned out attempting to trigger Donald Trump without effect.
That is the kind of loathsome tool Rush Limbaugh is, and how bad his intelligence was from his controllers in they attempted a psychological rape of Donald Trump, in order to protect their little child inside.


You probably are wondering why I would bring that government psychological program up, but what you do not know, is that just as there are mind warp programs for the poor mob, there are individual patternings for the powerful, to get them to do exactly what the cartel desires. The powerful like to think they are above it all, because they have been lied to in being told this, but as you have witnessed by the compulsive, obsessive, psychotic manifestations of some people like Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson following script, you can understand that Mitt Romney is the Elvis who left the building.

These powerful people are as terrified as Cruz voters were. They are mad at being wrong, mad at being suckered by their choices, mad at being humiliated in public, mad that money did not make right, and are willing in madness to commit political suicide in #NeverTrump.

There is a big sore spot in these people. They are not thinking clearly, but are thinking clearly for a wounded animal.

The easiest people to manipulate are those who are violated. That is why rape is a tool of psychological warfare. Just observe Bill Kristol for a moment in this smugness. He is not being triggered, but is manipulating the rich with the Romney network, phoning all of these rich people up, and reinforcing their vulnerability, and creating a focus on this 3rd party David French.
What the rich have to understand is the MKULTRA protocols which are being unleashed on them and for what purpose, as there is absolutely no care in the world for them. What this is about is the original construct of keeping conglomerate control of America, and bribing the powerful with the psychological pacifiers to keep them funding candidates to pet, to keep the political system balkanized. There is coming a reality though for the powerful that they will be as expendable as the Jews in Ukraine by Stalin, as the money they have makes them competitors. The time will arrive with robotics and this dictatorial board, that they will not need the billionaires.

The powerful do not appreciate being manipulated or being played, but the reality is even if they know it, they probably are not in self control enough to take the step out, and not be the hand for their own doom. They have chosen to fight to their death in this struggle, as that is how vulnerable they have been manipulated to in this very thorough gulag of the mind.

It has never been "in God they trust", for the powerful, because they do not trust themselves, and that is why they surrounded themselves with their walls of power, money and people, and now with their mistrust of themselves confirmed by their own failures, MKULTRA has them not thinking, but reacting in terror of themselves. This is not about #NeverTrump, this is about #NeverThemselves.