Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Handicap

VIDEO: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a coughing fit in Hanoi.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality in Hillary Clinton, and it is a proven fact. Hillary Clinton can not defeat a man in open or closed contests. She was ruined by Barack Hussein Obama and is being brought to her end by Bernie Sanders, a 74 year old socialist.

Hillary Clinton is handicapped, and for that reason, she can not pick a male running mate, as no one desires a weak, old female to be scorned by nor die under. In that, the Lame Cherry therefore handicaps Hillary Hamrod Clinton's choices for Vice President, in the following strong women, to make up for her inherent weakness.

Amy Klobacher, Senator Minnesota
Strengths: Minnesota electoral college
Weakness: She is horse face Amy Klobacher

Barbara Boxer: Senator California
Stengths: California electoral college
Weakness: She is the nepotism version of weakness

Diane Feinstein: Senator California
Strengths: California electoral college
Weakness: Age, too strong for Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth Warren: Senator from the liberal coast
Strengths: She is all the things Hillary Clinton pretends to be.
Weakness: She requires an airing to stop the odor of old books about her.

These are Hillary Clinton's choices to overcome her female handicap, in stronger women, who are all things Hillary Clinton is not. The logical choice is Elizabeth Warren as the left adores her, but she is as east coast as Hamrod making her a regional weakness.
Poco is simply the best non horse faced woman in the race who looks more presidential than Hillary Clinton ever could and with how appearing to be auditioning for a morgue tag, Mrs. Clinton requires someone who appears that they could step in when Hillary's 3 AM call is to the EMT's as Secret Service reports her blue with her  tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Politically Hillary Clinton must have an all vaginal ticket. She must not allow Bernie Sanders to challenge her at the convention, because that message will enforce the reality that she can not defeat Donald Trump. In  Mrs. Clinton's rock and a hard place scenario, she is going to have to bitch slap and stilletto stomp Bernie Sanders in the same humiliating manner which she undertook in Arkansas the male who decided to oppose Bill Clinton.

This will infuriate the Sanders voters more, but it is the one shot Mrs.  Clinton has in sending the message that in public she can defeat and destroy a male of any color. She will lose Sander's supporters, but she will gain the momentum of the "woman factor" which has been a focus of all of these pollsters in thinking the election rides there.

Mrs. Clinton has to prove she can beat Bernie Sanders to prove that she can beat Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton has to place a stronger female than herself on the ticket, in order to give the public the woman they want, but can not have in Hillary Clinton.
Mrs. Clinton needs to do what her husband did in picking Al America the handsome, moral and solid Southerner war hero, who Bill Clinton could never be.

Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton's only chance in November 2016. That is her handicap.