Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Twitter Town Hall

Donald J. Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have something for you to watch, which will provide you more insider information and more explanation of what is going on in America than all the time you waste on Facebook, or even 15 minutes on the Drudge Report.

What I would suggest is simply going onto Twitter, and reading what various important people are posting. I mean like President Elect Donald Trump. He will tell you everything in a few words what the media makes you suffer for.

In that, I do enjoy the psychological profiling revealed there, as the day I am writing this, Jeb Bush had crawled out from under the rock and was draping young cadets around him, pretending he loves America.

You can judge all sorts of things, like Ted Cruz disappearing, or something hilarious in  Rush Limbaugh thinking he could Tweet, but was driven off by some twitterers that Limbaugh could not handle.

I do not recommend the idiots, the self promoters, the morons who tweet everything profane to how moronic they are. Tweeting is a talent, like blogging......and no I do not have a Twitter account, nor do I have time to mix it up for fun.

Here are some of the stupid people:

May 27
To all the women and girls across this country, let me say this: do not let others define you.

 If women need to be told this, they might as ill go to the jungle and become the great ape harem, and for men........more short sighted man hate from Carly Fiorina.

Then there is brain insane moment by Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Retweeted Peter Shumlin
LGBT kids are perfect the way they are. They deserve love—not harmful "conversion therapy." Thanks .

There’s nothing more important than protecting our kids. If we fail at that, it doesn’t matter what we get right.

Yes, let's have dirty old men watching little girls pee in the restrooms and not tell 5 year olds they are wrong for thinking they are the opposite gender. 
......and this is Hillary Clinton after Huma and a team of lawyers policing her tweets.

Then there is what Twitter should be about, a nice mix of sugar and salt.

See Rubio does a great job in having fun, and posting interesting things, including reach outs to South American trouble spots like Venezuela.
These are his birthday cards on May 28.

You can find what you are interested in, but all of this means things. Some are naturals like Rubio, some are great at Twitter like Donald Trump, some run and hide like cockerboy Limbaugh, some are just users like Ted Cruz, some are idiots like Carly Fiorina, and some are so boring that moths eat holes on their tweets like old Hillary Clinton.

You can learn a lot just observing the zoo.