Thursday, June 2, 2016

Today's Project

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today's project was 69.96 in cost as lessons in Jersey's continue.

See Daisy is a big girl now. She does moo girl big things in not needing lead rope, but just blows by me, as she knows everything there is to know about life. Baby Belle knows these things too, but on a smaller I told her this morning, "Baby Belle stay away from that fence or you will get a shock", and Baby Belle just kept eating and brushing the fence, until she got a jolt and then off she trotted, not acknowledging her parent had warned her and she was too intelligent to listen.

So about 2 months ago, I thought it would be good to have the girls trim some things around the house. They trimmed and then around 1 pm Daisy really started doing the MOO thing. The MOO thing is demanding in it means, "I have decided something and there is no changing my mind, and I will not be patient".

We were taking a break and I deemed she could be patient.

Daisy's response was like war. "Ok you did not respond to the warning, so now I will eat the screen off your window."

Which she did. These girls love plastics and fiberglass as a food group.

Daisy was not though content on pulling the screen off, and proceeded to shatter the bottom brace.

So this has been the window on the bedroom for months, and we finally got in an aluminum replacement which is less digestable and will last past Jesus return.

It was a perfect fit, too perfect, and all went well, including Daisy looking through the fence like she was considering joining us, but that wore off and she decided that the afternoon was best left for such destruction and big girls things.

Belle has been pretty civil with her little horns only goring at me a few times, and not running off. I let her out, she goes to the barn and all is well........Daisy sort of eats the blossoms off the apple tree by the gate, then finds ways to pretend she does not know where she is supposed to go, and once there she blows by me and tries to launch me into orbit.

I deem this the "Terrible Two's" for Daisy in she is growing up and still has too much energy to realize that her bulk is like a truck smashing through insects in Mississippi in the summer.

So that is the Daisy lesson. It cost $69.96 cents in a nice symetrical number as that is what I would expect from Baby Daisy, as in her chaos she lives a very orderly life.

Nuff Said.