Thursday, June 2, 2016

Newt Gingrich Peeing in the Little Girls Stall

Hillary Clinton toasting to Newt Gingrich at the US Capitol in ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry will state one important fact concerning this GOPliter push to install Newt Gingrich on the Trump ticket, and that Gingrich is being pushed not to win November, but lose November.

Newt Gingrich is the epitome of all the vitriol on the left of every stereotype and hatred the nation has against right wing America..........the stereotypes which were not touched upon by Ted  Cruz in his Cruz Cult of wacko christianity.

In the mindset of the GOPliters, 2016 is about vaginas, in the way 2008 was about curly pubic Obama hair. Donald Trump has been incessantly hit on women's issues from Wisconsin on in Ted Cruz machinations, and the reality is Hillary Clinton is a female of some type, so in the GOPliter's scheme to defeat Donald Trump, the obvious choice they would put forward is one Newt Gingrich, whose past was a story of cheating on and dumping his sick wife, for a new hottie.........yes put the misogynist on the ticket to drive women off from voting for Mr. Trump, just as women are fleeing Hillary Clinton.

Into this, Newt Gingrich's infamous photos and praise of Hillary Clinton, not as Mr. Trump's were to survive as a businessman in New York, but because Newt Gingrich is a fraud who apparently figured out back in the 80's that his ticket to power was like Rush Limbaugh in pretending to be a voice for the right wing in America on Reagan's coattails was the means to an Shep Smith, like Bill O'Reilly, like Chris Wallace, like Megyn get the idea that most of the people you think are your spokesmen, turn Obama or Clinton at the drop of a hat, like Glenn Beck.
Yes Glenn Beck all up Ted Cruz, and now all up Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton, against Matt Drudge.

This is what you would have to look forward to with Newt Gingrich. Someone who was demanding more power as Vice President from President Donald Trump, which is something no President can do. So unConstitutional Newt Gingrich desires to be the Black Robe Jesuit at  the Vatican, like George HW. Bush wielding all the power...........
Now how did that turn out for Ronald Reagan with powerful HW? Iran Contra, record dope imports in CIA and DEA flights into Bill Clinton's Arkansas, President Reagan shot by a family member of the Hinkley family who was close friends to the Bush's......

.........and Newt Gingrich wants more power as President, has a bad reputation with women, cuddles with Hillary Clinton, was bought by Big Frac in 2012 and went liberal, and now is back like Ted Cruz, pretending he is a loyal Republican.

No, Newt Gingrich is being put before the American people to hand the victory over to Hillary Clinton, and if Gingrich can not get that done due to the Trump surge, Gingrich has already stated in Reverse Speech with David John Oates about removing Mr. Trump, as in assassination.

So seriously, Newt Gingrich is nothing to have around. No matter if Sean Homo Hannity keeps run Newt polls trying to install this fraud and danger to America. I had once thought that Newt might fit as perhaps a  Sec. of State, but there are far more capable Americans to fill the diplomatic shoes of General Vernon Walters.

I conclude the best place for Newt Gingrich would be like the curator at the Smithsonian Institute. That would be more up his historical alley and he could not do much damage to America, for I will be blunt.........

To be Vice President, to be Secretary of State, one needs to be capable. One needs a bearing like Dick Cheney, one needs a posture like Bob Dole, one needs a voice like Donald Rumsfeld. One does not need a shrill Hillary or a lackluster John Kerry, as this is all about theater in what the world sees and what the world believes.
Newt Gingrich has none of the qualities anyone wants sitting down with Vladmir Putin or the Turban Heads in Iran. One has to bring a Colin Powell presence to the world and Newt Gingrich has none of that.
An old fat man with a high pitched Georgia accent is not a Cyrus Vance, but is a Jimmy Carter for problems.

So it is Ode to Newt Gingrich. For all his rotundary, he is a lightweight. He sells his soul well like Rush cockerboy Limbaugh well, but as no mic is open for sale, I would find a job he is fit for, as some national archive position, where Ken Burns could meet with him for some new PBS propaganda, about how transvestites won all our wars, as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson all wore silk undies and peed in the little girl's stall.

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