Friday, June 17, 2016

Trump White Paper: 3 Stikes Welfare Out

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the influx of non native breeders into these disUnited States, it should be the policy of America to put forward a 1 child limit for all welfare recipients in America, and a no child moratorium on foreigners inside of America for a period of 10 years, at which time they could become Citizens if they are not on welfare or have outstanding debt to America, and then be allowed to have families.

This would be enforced by birth control I/R an injected contraception which must be maintained or welfare benefits or status in America would be negated immediately. It is not a legal right to tax funds from working people and corporations for others to have sex and produce waifs which can not be cared for.

The policy of this would be based upon a Bayer / Boeign type device of RFID chip for tracking confirmation and the contraception device. Being poor or a foreigner does not allow for the right to breed on other people's taxes.

Furthermore, America will embark upon a 1 Abortion Policy, where all women will be allowed 1 aborticide event as provided by Planned Parenthood. After this, there would be mandatory contraception implantation by Planned Parenthood.

Such a policy would profit Big Med, Big Tech and Big Pharm, and America would no longer be faced with a breeding locust invasion or a perpetual poverty status for the poor whose only crop is unwanted children, who are welfare queen creators.

It is uncivil to depend on abortion in the emotional upheaval it causes for women. Contraception is the humane way of dealing with this, along with not compounding the problem of working slave labor, receiving welfare benefits, their wards receiving benefits, and except for big conglomerate selling toilet paper and cheeriros off of welfare purchases, Americans received nothing for this cancer upon society.

This is a simple policy. The rich do not breed in numbers, and when they do breed, they have the funding to care for the offspring. The poor do not have the money, except confiscated from others, attempting to be self sufficient, so leave the money with those who are responsible and working, and instead give the foreigner exactly the measure they have earned, and that is an implant device.

This implantation would  be a 30 second event. Removal of it would mean immediate deportation as would pregnancy with no re entry for non natives. For natives, it would mean immediate cessation of welfare benefits and no benefits for the child.
The child of course being created by state funds, would be handed over to a proper adoption, for a loving and moral home.

This is the Lame Cherry policy in the Trump White Papers. It is deemed this policy of 3 strikes, you had unprotected sex, you got pregnant and you produced a baby on Government funding, would save 1 trillion dollars per year, without increases in more of these foundlings produced every season.

None of this would affect Americans not on Government hand outs. It would simply affect those irresponsible in sex and child production, not able to control their carnal desires, and making normal people pay for their actions, and in effect sucking the life out of these working people in their deaths.

Think of the numbers in your payroll taxes in the 3 strikes were introduced in two hundred dollars per month going to you, and not some welfare latch key propagation. That is 2400 dollars per year, and in your working lifetime that is 120,000 dollars, which invested in your homes would have you in a paid off home to relax in at age 40 and a few new cars to drive around in, for which you worked for, and extending your life from lack of worry and bills.

This is something which must be addressed and mandated, a mandatory contraception to stop this extortion against Americans and taxing them to death.

The Lame Cherry advocates this to the 3rd world. If any nation takes USA, or United Nations funding, this mandatory contraception of the entire paddy masses will be accepted, in order to stop this Obama Merkel invasion and genocide of the West.
In 50 years, this plan will naturally lessen the populations to levels which can then be managed.

If it feeds, it breeds.

- Lame Cherry
Welfare is not the solution. War is not the answer. Waiting for a natural epidemic is inhumane and Obama sharing the degenerative poverty only compounds the genocide.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.