Thursday, June 16, 2016

Britain First!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The British have always suffered from the delusion of the illusion that they are than twits. In observing the posturing of all of the Queen's politicians bloviating out words about how how much more civil they are in the death of Jo Cox, a leftist who had a thing for Syrian rapists being imported by Obama and Merkel, while England is one of the largest slave camps in the world, ruled by the London dope lords in the police state, is just amusing.

For humor, let us visit the scene where Jo Cox was left for dead today. This all started when two Britisher males were getting into it, and MP Cox tried to get involved in the fight. By the outcome, you know what the situation was, it was Jo Cox the leftist, defending some twit leftist who was attacking a hard working Englishman named Thomas Mair.

Mair having enough of his nation overrun with foreigners and being terrorized by the state in never being able to be employed full time, did what any Englishman would have done from yore. Tommy Mair manufactured his own gun.......and no shit it worked.
Yes ban all the guns, and here comes an enterprising gardener, who makes his own firearm, and a pretty good one too, as it fires, it hits what it fires at, and it cycles ammo, so it is a repeater. That is quite the accomplishment.

Apparently if Cox had not been trying to grandstand to be the next Burkah Babe of Englandstan, in grabbing headlines, she would still be alive, but no, she tried to act like a man, and Thomas Mair had enough of it, and dropped her like a bag of rocks.
Then he capped her on the floor to make sure.....and to be really sure, he pulled out his foot long knife and started being Rambo. Odd in how it was English measurement and not Metric measurement in the knife.

The twit part in this is, ALL the liberals ran away screaming from their dead leader. Sort of like when William the Norman showed up and knocked off the leader, and away the English ran.

The 42-year-old said he suddenly heard a 'popping sound' and turned around to find the gunman standing over her.
'He seemed to have what looked like an old gun, like a musket, in his hand and he shot her again in the middle.
'He then seemed to shoot a third time, towards her head or face. He was also stabbing at her with what looked like a hunting knife, about a foot long. He was stabbing her and waving the knife around.
'A man who I know... tried to get near but the man swung his knife around and caught him in the stomach. Blood started coming out.'
Mr Rothwell said the sound of the gunshots sparked pandemonium, with people 'screaming and running from the area'.

So much for British bravery. English women and little boy arses might as well give it up for Muslim rape cock or impregnation by Vladimir Putin Russian cock to save their race, as what they have now are the worst sort of vermin, and Tommy Mair is one of the few men in England left.

Someone apparently tried to wrestle with Tommy Mair and it must have been more like English sex in no body contact, as nothing happened........until two fat police state cops pinned this little gardener to the pavement.

Thomas Mair was not screaming Allah Akbar or whatever, but BRITAIN FIRST........of course the slave masters of England are using this to try and guilt voters into staying slaves instead of Brexit, but the Lame Cherry has a better solution.

I say, let's ship Tommy Mair to America. The English are good at that. Australia was populated by criminals, America by slaves, and I can think of no better place for Tommy Mair  than America.

Look at his talents. He knows how to garden. He knows how make his own guns. He has the balls to shoot and hack traitors to England and likes yelling BRITAIN FIRST. This is just the kind of leader England needs and as the English just want to stuff him into prison, I say ship him off to America......slip him into one of Obama's Syrian jet planes dumping terrorists into America, and put Tommy Mair inside the United States.

He is absolutely of no threat to Americans. He has may skills, is a self motivator and if he had not given up, he probably would have been King by sundown as the English ran away.

I say bring Thomas Mair to America. Bring Andres Breivik to America, as America could make use of these men of action, that these Europeans seem intent on criminalizing and giving all the action to Muslim rape cock.

There is enough of this nattering sympathy for a dead woman, when no one is concerned in the least that England is now a  place where the English are so distraught about being enslaved, that they have to make their own weapons and are desperately moved to fight back against their own regime, replacing them with Muslims and having sold the English to the houses of Paris and Germany for spoil.

England was conquered not by armies, but by traitors from within.