Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump White Paper: American Education Association

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us face a reality that a teacher is something which has information, imparts it, and punishes those who do not comply.
In that, black mold is a teacher on fruit, that either you learn to not eat it, for the lesson will be that you will puke your guts up and die.
There is absolutely no difference between black mold and a Harvard professor.

- Lame Cherry

America has been broken by a leftist indoctrination of part time unionized and tenured union employees who call themselves teachers, but are more akin to influenza in they simply attack the host and make it sick before moving on to attack a new  group of students each year.

A teacher "works" 9 months out of the year, 7 hours a day, or 35 hours a week, with weekends, holidays and other events off. That is not a job worth tens of thousands of dollars. It is instead a traitors wage.

All of this is about economics and the need to teach American children, and to make parents responsible for that learning. When Kentucky Fried Chicken and Walmart can use robots to teach and guide constumers, then certainly the American education system can utilize the same robotics to teach children, even more effectively than these leftist traitors.

Think of the savings in this in the entire educational structures. You do not have to attend a physical Harvard or Riverside High with Archie and Veronica in the DVD age. Thousands of Home Schoolers educate themselves just fine.
Instead of costing 20,000 dollars per idiot student, the Federal Government could provide on laptop with internet that would be maintained at 4 year intervals, and if it was destroyed the parents would be responsible for replacement, as much as the children complete their studies.

With robotic supervision, 10 year olds could be monitored at home, thus negating the expense of these insitutions costing a fortune, with the added cost savings of ridding the world of teachers and professors in grades from 5 to college degrees.
In addition, parents who stayed home to supervise their children from Kindergarten to 5th grade, would be paid for the monitoring at 5000 dollars per child.

See Dick. See Jane. See Dick and Jane run. Not rocket science and absolutely no need for a human to teach a child phonetics.

There should be a revamp of the high school setting to a melding of the Tech schools, so when a child graduates 12th grade, that diploma would be worth something, in these children would be workers with skills from mechanics etc... who would be then mentored for 2 years in an actual business.

This is a Lame Cherry basis again in another Trump White Paper to rescue our children and our nation from these horrid brain dampening classes turning out zoids whose only capabilities are how to operate cell phones and take selfies.

We need to reconstruct the entire education system, in taking it out of Union leftists not teaching children, and put it into proper study situations with robotics. Billions of dollars a being wasted to turn our children into psychotics, instead of educated Citizens.

End the union stranglehold on our education. Put the education into robotics and get rid of these appendage humans feeding off this system.