Friday, July 22, 2016

A Pattern of Failure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is the career of failure to be noted.

He was a dreamer and poor at his studies, and was ultimately expelled from high school. He did poorly in business school later, and at attempts to join his father's business

In 1911, Benjamin Kubelsky was playing in the same theater as the young Marx Brothers. Minnie, their mother, enjoyed his violin playing, and invited him to accompany her boys in their act. His parents refused to let their son go on the road at 17,

The next year, Benny formed a vaudeville musical duo with pianist Cora Salisbury, a buxom 45-year-old widow who needed a partner for her act. This provoked famous violinist Jan Kubelik, who feared that the young vaudevillian with a similar name would damage his reputation. Under legal pressure, Benjamin Kubelsky agreed to change his name to Ben K. Benny

One evening, his violin performance was booed by the troops, so with prompting from fellow sailor and actor Pat O'Brien, he ad-libbed his way out of the jam and left them laughing. He received more comedy spots in the revues and did well, earning a reputation as a comedian and musician.

 None of that sounds like a great career start or any kind of person that you would ever consider destined to success, and yet in 1929 Ben K. Benny signed a 5 year contract with MGM and this little known vaudeville performer would in 1932 become Jack Benny, the most successful comedian of stage, screen, radio and television.

Jack Benny honed a character which satirized the worst in an effeminate, overbearing, pretentious, selfish, egotistical scrooge.

Success in life is not measured in fame or money, because Jack Benny was one of the kindest, most caring and generous of people. In all the standards of "sit in rows" confines, Jack Benny was a failure. As you note above, he even was denied use of his own name by a little talented established act.
Think of that fateful day in the military when Jack Benny was doing the one thing he was good at though, in playing violin and the entire military booed him, and it was only in that, his talent of self deprecating humor was brought to the forefront in his real talent which set him in the ranks with the best acts in the world.

I never thought I would be a blogger and running the best blog in the world. There was not such a thing and the experts all told me I was doing it wrong and most of the people reading the things posted here, had been so conditioned to information, that they thought they needed an interpreter to  figure things out here.

I can not speak for Jack Benny, as everything is work when you have to make income from it, and that changes things, but I do know that you have to enjoy what you are doing, and I have to please God first and have to like what I am churning out, or I might as well be taking the safe route of numbers of miserable people who are doing the smart thing.

Failure in life should not be looked upon as failing. It should be looked at more like God when you are a Christian guiding you to where you are supposed to be.

Too many people have been duped into thinking they need a stage to be successful in people knowing what they are doing. I have always been me, and my audience of my corn is more pleased with me pulling a weed out than the weeds which are pulled out here. A row of corn is a success and their growing pretty is a salvation to the world as once that seed is gone it is gone forever.

What saddens me most in life is not that Kayne West is a failure, but with all the people now in the world, there just are none who are singing songs about a Brown Eyed Girl like Van Morrison. Having someone to love was the best of things and now everyone has everything, except someone to love.
There is no joy in music, no joy in writing, no joy in living. It is all failure of a different sort as it is not guided by God.
There is just too much satanic reward of success for bad misbehavior.

It is an amazing thing to be Jack Benny, dead for a generation, and people still stop and go silent as they begin smiling at remembering something in joy he gave them.

Benjamin Kubelsky.