Thursday, July 21, 2016

On the Road to Sodom

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In Donald Trump's acceptance speech for the nomination of President on the Republican ticket, he singled out the sexual perverts for special protection, still promoting the propaganda that Orlando Florida was Islam on sodomite crime, when it was a product of homosexual militancy.

I am a Christian first and last. It is the same horrendous mistake which Jehu and all the Samarian leaders of the North Kingdom indulged in, in making the people sin and not putting away the sexual deviancy. It is what brought Judgment from God.

I have stated that Donald Trump as President is going to lessen the blow, but that blow will come from God. It is a violation of the mandate of God to promote sodomy which is an abomination to God.
The Prophets were all murdered by the state for pointing out the flaws of the state in their national promotion of sin.

I am not going to be a part of promoting of sin which destroys lives and making special affirmative action police state protections for one segment of the American public, for whatever prejudice Donald Trump has for sodomites.
Mentioning Evangelicals in a speech is proper, because no one ever died from AIDs in being a Christian, nor has Christianity ever drained billions of dollars from the US Treasury in disease research, as praying to God has never cost one tax payer dollar from the Treasury.

I will vote for Donald Trump, and I will work for a time line to keep him from being assassinated as by God's Grace I kept the pony cops safe in Cleveland Ohio, but I will not follow the road to sodom, as good intentions are what fire and brimstone roads are paved.

President Trump, you will not make America great again by violating God's mandate. You will increase the blow of Judgment from God upon the American nation and people by making them sin.

The Word is simple Mr. President. Do not become a son of Jehu in the kings of Israel who made the people to sin. Trust in the covering wings of the Lord and do His Will and all be of the Lord's doing.

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