Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Absent without Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On the eve of April 4th, 1968, America was a wounded animal, far less than the tortured beast of today, but in the same overthrows of the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and the assassinated symbol of the American Black, Martin Luther King jr. was laid out in a county morgue, as America went into riot.

I have never appreciated a thing about the Kennedy's in their immoral and amoral nature, but that night Robert Kennedy jr. and thee entire Black community of America came together to express the genuine sadness that these things should not happen in America where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed to all.

It was a stunning thing of high drama, to witness Bobby Kennedy, expose himself to the black mob which was ready to explode, and for him to be received with respect as a White man, speaking for all Americans to the events of that day.

I think about that history and then I think about our present. I think of Obama Beer Summits, Black Panther intimidation in Philadelphia, Wisconsin Wilding, Treyvon Martin, Chris Dorner, Ferguson Missouri, Chicago, Dallas and now Baton Rogue Louisiana, in where is Hillary Clinton in all of this, in being married to the first Black President in Bill Clinton?

Let us be frank in this is not the place of Donald Trump. He would be used as an excuse to incite more violence, as he has been smeared as have his supporters in being beaten, stalked, attacked and terrorized, as this is a political movement funded by the left, run out of Van Jones beginnings, right out of the Obama White House. I can still hear the words of our Attorney General Loretta Lynch, not calling for calm as Bobby Kennedy did, but telling Black Lives Matter to not lose hope, when hope was the Dallas Police dead, and an American Black the first sanctioned execution in America by robot.

That is the reality in this. image Obama hides in the White House, bogusly calling for "non hate speech" now that his regime has the race war which this group has been trying to start every day for 8 years, as this all began in the summer of 2008 in baiting whites and blacks to conflict.

So the image Obama hides in the White House suffering from Negrophobia and Hillary Clinton hides in only Huma knows were suffering from Negrophobia, Jesse Jackson plays politics, and none of this group thinks Black Lives Matter, because none of them will go to the ghetto where this tarbaby they conceived has been birthed, to try and quell this murderous monster. There is not a Robert Kennedy in the Democratic Party when an RFK is needed most.

That is Hillary Clinton leadership as image Obama pied piper the lemmings to begin violence in it is absent without Clinton. The only salvation for the Black race in America, is if Donald Trump somehow survives, and then shuts down the replacement slave labor being imported by Obama Ryan and Clinton, brings back the jobs, and cracks down with the police state on the various anarchists being funded by Jew guy George Soros, to quell this and provide Blacks once again that opportunity which Martin King championed with Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson.

This requires being made a point of, as Hillary Clinton has disappeared and Obama hides out in the White House, and more blacks die, and the police under attack become more trigger happy in focusing on Blacks.

None of this is the time for Donald Trump to have meetings in public or make public statements, but as an advocate for Americans, the Lame Cherry has the greatest respect for Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, even if we are on opposite political spectrum. These American leaders were issuing the clarion call of the Black community in what the Obama regime was by neglect inflicting upon this people, and now all of us have  this horrid result, which none of us want.

Ask yourself, do you think for a moment any of those Blacks who have murdered Police had visions of doing this in 2008 when they had hope? They had futures as plans for a great life, but life in this Obama Super Depression has destroyed their hopes and dreams. They are scared and they do not feel in power, so they are in conflict choosing a loud noise to express their wounds, as they would rather be dead than exist in a world of death.
That does not make any excuses in this, no more than the Obama police state teaching officers to shoot Americans first and pray they are not investigated. It is all a law of the jungle and words are not going to stop this, as this is only going to be stopped by Blacks having vocations they will gain dignity from and a police state not taking their dignity from them.

1968 had more hopes, dreams and a better future than 2016. The work of Martin King and other leaders produced an infant which has become an abandoned elder in the Obama era, like leaving an old woman on the plains for the lions to eat her.

Face the fact in if Blacks had leadership, leaders, a dream, none of this violence would be taking place. All of this has been taken away by the Obama regime, and Hillary Clinton wants 8 more years of this Power Burn Genocide of the American Black. The Black race in America can not survive 8 more years of this, as they will be replaced by Mexicans and Muslims, and their entire population will be housed in prisons at this rate.

Where is Hillary Clinton in all of this? She suffers from Negrophobia as image Obama. It is the reality of absent without Clinton.