Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Who will be President Mike Pence's Vice President


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The process by which I inquire of the matrix is a different sort of flash read. It is a process which sometimes is perplexing in it refuses to gives hints and that is frustrating when it is what I would deem "out of the blue" answers in the time line being navigated.

The question obviously in who will be President Mike Pence's Vice President is something to be examined, especially since at this moment, he is not aware who this person will be.

In inquiring, I ran through the logical candidates and the groupings did not reach an affirmative either. That is where the frustration is, because while the Lame Cherry knows all, it is not a reality that I dabble in the absurd. I would expect it to be  a politician or a military officer, and yet the story would not unfold.

When a "banker" appeared, that is like a needle in a haystack, especially one in media. This is where Inspiration appears in the "read" and the absurd appears, and the name which Big Koch has picked for Mike Pence's Vice President is:

Picking Mike Pence Really Was A Grand Slam For Donald Trump ...

He quoted Lawrence Kudlow's line about how "the Fed can print money, ... Mike Pence will make a great partner in making America great again.

Kudlow: RFK Jr.'s absurd attack on Koch brothers - CNBC

RFK Jr. accused the Koch brothers of "polluting our atmosphere" and went so far as to call them "treasonous." That's absurd!, says Larry Kudlow.

Yes Lawrence Kudlow was not logical, until I dug up the above links. Then the champion of Big Koch points to a direction of interaction as Rush Limbaugh mouthing for the Big Koch non stop in defending them as an employee.

Reading this the answers appear in the great economic guru of Lawrence Kudlow has already been chosen, due to deal with an economic collapse. All begins to make sense. Kudlow has no idea of his rising star, not doubt what he will be handed is like Gary Hart's Patriot Act handed to George W. Bush after 9 11, or that Hank Paulson handing America over to Tim Geithner and Obama to loot after the 2008 collapse.

I wonder if they will have the balls to say, "Well Donald would have wanted it this way".

I could see the saviors of 1600 Penn Avenue having some ceremony, inviting Tierra and Little Lord Fauntlerboys, saying tearful things, maybe lighting a candle, as 15 minutes as President can hardly compare to the John Kennedy eternal flame, and announce that all your assets are confiscated to save America as ..Donald would have wanted it that way.