Saturday, July 30, 2016

and following Khizr Kahn on the Clinton Campaign Trail

The Pedophile Obama Clinton Protected in Afgahnistan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes, this just in, after Khizr Kahn with the non talking Muslim skin suit called a wife, pulled out a Constitution and challenged an American in Donald Trump to read it in complete disrespect, the Lame Cherry has located another Obama Clinton Kerry prodigy fresh from the opium fields of Afghanistan to no doubt appear with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in, Cleric Sayed Mohammad Karim.

Who is this great Muslim?

The 60-year-old Muslim priest claimed the child was a “religious offering” and sent to him as a “gift”.
He claimed the ’s parents were aware of the marriage that took place in a village on the Ghor province of central Afghanistan.
But the child’s parents claim their daughter was kidnapped from Herat province in western in June.

Please do not mistake this Karim for Kareem Abdul Jabal AKA Lou Alcinder who appeared with Hillary Clinton at the DNC in Philadelphia as an Obama impersonator, as Kareem is not Karim who likes using his balls to rape 6 year old little girls he has kidnapped.......and claims they were Muslim religious gifts.

THOUSANDS of Turkish soldiers are being raped, starved and left without water, according to Amnesty International

Again do not mistake image Obama for the Turkish leader who has a thing for ass raping his own Turkish Soldiers, as while all Muslims look the sound at the prayer call, all do not get caught ass raping thousands of other Muslims in their peaceful religion.

I can see it all now though in Obama flying in the child rapist, his Muslim child love bride, NAMBLA appearing on the Hillary Bus, and out comes Hillary, fresh from a sexual tussle with Huma the Muslim slave girl, and Tim Kaine fresher still from posting selfies of it all on Facebook.

That is sure to be just what the people of Pennsylvania and Ohio are craving for...........not to mention North and South Carolina in dirty old perverts in their toilets with little girls. All makes sense in why Mark Dayton of Minnesota just can not get enough of this Muslim rape cock in his state, as this is the new Hillary Clinton campaign theme.

Vote for Hillary Kaine, as when you mark your ballot, your child bride of 6 years old will be offered day care, until your voting is done.

That is the kind of Democratic Party that Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter are sure to get behind, and all of those cuckservative for Clinton, have just been dreamy about as they attack Donald Trump.

Yes the child raping, ass raping friends of Hillary Clinton, joined by Muslims named Khizr and Kareem practicing Islamic hatred against Donald Trump and Americans.

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