Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another Putin Success

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Aleppo is a place which most Americans are ignorant of, but a city in Syria on which much of the Donald Trump Presidency will find success on, because in these hours, the battlefield has been prepared there in Russian and Syrian National forces have opened up escape corridors out of the terror city for what should be the final liberation of Syria from Obama terrorists, and stop the rapists and murders being dumped into America and Europe by the Obama Merkel regimes.

It would behoove Mr. Trump to tweet something on the following:

After strategic intervention in Syria to stabilize the region, President Vladimir Putin is close to achieving definite results. It will be a Trump Presidency policy to assist the peaceful transition in Syria, to save Christian Syrian lives and to end the invasion of Europe and America, by the results of this failed Obama Clinton Kerry policy.

America has it's own image Obama mess just north of Aleppo, in the American base on the border with full nuclear weapons on the base has been invaded by Clinton's Turkish leader, power was cut off to this US base, America was blamed for this Turkish coup, and as of yesterday the American NATO base there was blockaded by heavy equipment and Turkish security forces.

This is a positive step in Syria. The absolute genocide with the Obama regime unleashed there has murdered 400,000 Syrians, caused the diseased, rapist and murdering mob of Syria to invade Europe and America, cost billions of dollars, all for the religicide of Christians in that once stable land with a legally elected government in Bashir Assad.

It is time to roll back the Chris Christie rhetoric on Bashir Assad, support Russia in dealing with this Obama disaster initiated by Hillary Clinton, and return to the sound policy of backing Nationalist strong men who can deal with their terrorists, and as long as they are not murdering Americans, it is absolutely none of America's national interest what goes on in these God forsaken cauldrons.

Syria used to be a safe haven for Christians. Now it is a Hillary Clinton Muslim Mafia rape zone of oil and dope profits outside the Assad government.

With the civilians safe in Russian and Syrian protection, Aleppo can now be doused with a surround, artillery herding and Russian strategic bombing the area to terrorist rubble graves.

Russia stabilizes Syria, and half the terrorists and vermin flowing into America and Europe will cease. If Mr. Trump affirms Russian oversight, there is an acceptable solution for America and Europe to return these Obama Clinton invaders back into Syria, and Syria can sort out the terrorist problem in diplomacy.

The picture provided by the Syrian state news agency, SANA, shows government forces walking with their weapons past rubble after they advanced on the southern side of the Castello Road in Aleppo on July 28, 2016. ©Reuters

Learn the lesson of General Douglas MacArthur, always have press releases to ally yourself with victory, no matter involvement or not.

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