Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Democrats did Nominate a Woman

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It appears that as Bernie Sanders has sold out his supporters, and no one wants that ultra liberal dope head in Gary Johnson of the hijacked Libertarian Party, that the suicidal have heard the death dirge of Jill Stein leading them over the edge.

The Lame Cherry will praise Jill Stein in having the moxy of exposing her vagina to furious black men, as she joined them in the breach of breaking through Hillary Clinton's wall at Philadelphia, as  that was truly political backstabbing of Hamrod. The Sanders voters were without leader, Hillary was assaulting them, and Jill Stein offered to nurse them from her breasts.

VIDEO: Cornel West Endorses Jill Stein For President...

The result is Cornel West has now endorsed his black life mattering to Jill Stein.

No one can blame liberals for this, as Bill Clinton picked for Hillary, a Hillary Rockefeller Republican in Tim Kaine. The message was democrats did not want Jim Webb, so why not put his Tim Kaine twin on the ticket as VP, denying democrats their hero Sanders or the real Hillary in Elizabeth Warren.

So what is left is Jill Stein, a sort of Hillary Clinton with a heart. By this, I mean Jill Stein wants to implement more disastrous Obama policies in a New Green Deal in this Super Depression, raises taxes like Hillary, but give slave reparations to blacks only.

In the latest polling in a 4 way race, shows Donald Trump crushing by landslide Stein, Clinton and Johnson. Johnson is the candidate no one wants and is fast moving to oblivion like his pot smoking haze. The reality is though that for second place if Jill Stein were provided the chance against crooked Hillary, she probably by October would the leading candidate to debate front runner Donald Trump, while Mrs. Clinton would be on life support as she as today.

Hillary Clinton 90 minutes late to outdoor rally; 50 treated for heat-related illness...

That woman is canceling appearances and disappearing for hours.

In sincere warning to Jill Stein, Mrs. Clinton is not going tolerate your gaining in the polls and is well aware of your stunt in sweating with the Negroids humiliating Mrs. Clinton in Philadelphia. You should probably demand your new friend Cornel West appear with a few hundred New Black Panther security guards as the old polling indicated it was a three way split in the Bernie voters, but now it appears 80 20 between Mr. Trump taking the majority and you the minority, with Mrs. Clinton receiving nothing.

I would also if I were you Ms. Stein, contact that twister Paul Manafort and work a deal to cripple Hillary Clinton for a reasonable position in the Trump Administration. Something like Assistant Secretary of Renewable Energy under Secretary of Energy, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. If you allow yourself to be educated, you will find that America has been maxed out on renewable green energy which is costing a fortune, and that the correct policy is clean nuclear fuel in Thorium reactors.

Your heartfelt policies are not as unsound as Heartless Hillary, but you are Big Sis national socialism and the fact is some of your platform in nationalizing the Federal Reserve is sincere, but the magnets will destroy the economy to teach you a lesson for stealing their cash cow. We have had enough of Grassy Knolls, but you have proven you are more Libertarian than leftist Gary Johnson ever could be.

Finally, Ms. Stein, you need someone to tell you to get your head out of your ass in making you refine your policies in challenging you on the numerous weak points. You have are not Heartless Hillary. That is a start.

Nuff Said.