Monday, July 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders once an American

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It is most distressing to witness the political prostitution of Bernie Sanders, because it all makes everything suspect as he attempts to lure his loyal supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in order to defeat Donald Trump for some reason.

The reason to defeat Mr. Trump is perplexing because if one actually reads most of Bernie Sanders positions, they are political positions not in the extreme left like Gary Johnson of the hijacked Libertarian party, but are more akin to Pat Buchanan positions on American isolationism and American protectionism of the American worker and motherland. All positions which Mr. Trump has espoused, while Hillary Clinton with Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have been opening America to invasion and making Americans an endangered species in their own land.
So what Bernie Sanders appears to be telling his followers is to not vote for Bernie Sanders.

I have no inquired as to what Mr. Sanders in the image Obama meeting, sold his soul for. It would be an easier bitter pill to swallow if Mr. Sanders simply was honest and said, "Look I am an old man and this is my last chance to get something out of life. image Obama for Hillary Clinton in order to protect us all from jail time, offered me a few crumbs of my it will not be jobs or taxing the rich as Mr. Trump suggested, but it will be a better place in the welfare gulag. Obama gave Blacks phones instead of mansions, and what I got for you is a phone with internet".

That would be easier for the honest Sanders followers to stomach, like you don't get the Gold at the Olympics, but you get Zika virus and a welfare subsidy for aborting your shrunken head kid.

Oh by the way in Lame Cherry exclusives, is it not interesting that Russia is banned from a non political event to punish Russia, and somehow a man made virus in hybridized mosquitoes just happens to end up in Brazil for the Olympics after Brazil humiliated Muchelle Obama who went to Europe to be given the Olympics a few years ago.....just saying.

So this is our world in reality. Bernie Sanders now deems Donald Trump who is defending sexual perverts, doing day care, women's rights, American workers first in a new Republican party that sounds like the party of Bill Clinton in the 1990's, except Mr. Trump has expanded it to gays where Bill was a homophobe zone, is not to be voted for, but Hillary Clinton who caused all of this misery among Democrats......having been apart of the Obama regime destroying the Democratic House and Senate majorities, is to be backed.

The Sanders voters are right to be leery of the Hillary Kook ade and to be booing Mrs. Clinton.

It will be up to Bernie Sanders, and not the Sanders voters what they do. Mr. Trump has asked them to vote for him, as his big tent is actually going to implement most of Sander's policies and this Lame Cherry has been working on White Papers to find a way to make the Sander's communism actually work without turning American into more of an Obama Pynongyang.

Sanders voters have stated they will not vote for Mrs. Clinton by a 2/3rds majority in 33% will vote for Mr. Trump and 33% will break for a wasted vote in the Green Party. I would simply point out that Donald Trump has expressed from the beginning working for the Sanders voters. In reality, Donald Trump is a great deal like Pat Buchanan, and two other Presidents in Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.
Teddy Roosevelt was for progressive protection of the American people and Dwight Eisenhower oversaw the industrial socialist state which FDR began with Social Security.

The fact is the only progress which Bill Clinton ever made is signing all the Newt Gingrich Contract with America, and at this moment, there is no Newt in Congress to save Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich is on the Team Trump picking the cabinet.

For all Bernie Sanders accomplished, America should be grateful, as while he apparently just sort of fell into his mantra like Ted Cruz took up his script about being a conservative in neither believed the words, Bernie Sanders voiced the need to protect American workers. Even if it was just to mind the Democrats for Hillary Clinton in conning them again the way Cruz tried to con Conservatives, it did give voice and it would have worked if Donald Trump was not the Republican Nominee and some fraud like Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush was leading Republicans to landslide defeat.

The point in this is, for Bernie Sanders voters they have two choices in November, to waste their vote on the Green Party or to invest their vote in Donald Trump, as Hillary Clinton has been busy mocking them and mowing them down. One vote to give Donald Trump the chance which Democrats gave Barack Obama twice and came away empty both times, while Mr. Trump will succeed, and do so even more readily if Sanders voters are on his side, and raising hell with Democrats in Congress the way Reagan Democrats made Tip  O'Neill work with Ronald Reagan in the early 1980's for economic growth and jobs.

It is humiliating to back a candidate and have them betray you. Ted Cruz voters were stabbed in the back in Cleveland and left with nothing. After that humiliation though, they shrugged and began the process to vote for Donald Trump. I believe more and more Sanders voters will come to that conclusion in voting for Donald Trump in November as there is nothing in this Clinton Kaine ticket of value to them, and no one wants to admit in 2020 that instead of voting for the American Savior in Donald Trump, they wasted their vote on something green or grey, in Hillary Rodham Clinton, when Bernie Sanders will not even be remembered any more.

I do not believe that Sanders voters desire to be minded on the Clinton plantation any more.

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