Monday, July 25, 2016

Trump Love on Democratic Convention Floor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you can see by the above, there is a difference in the Bernie Sanders voters in minority, in any guy would bust a nut for some bone meal like that.
I mean look at this woman. She got the middle finger in use, knows how to put a big roll to her lips and blow, so obviously she put her college years to use in what she learned in high school......yeah she has Bernie daddy issues, but boy howdy, you tell me what husband after a few bottles of Southern Comfort couldn't get into that Teddy Kennedy stuff.

Sure you got stuff like this down there too in sodom in stuff that polar bears eat when they jump into zoo pens believing things like global warming and Coke commercials, but you know Hillary will have them gassed at the gulag, so do not get distracted from the historical view of Saigon in Vietnam cherry pussy advertising by flipping the bird to the GI's on the streets.
No one though gets into that weird sex of duct tape over the mouth with ugly people. There just is a limit on the evolutionary scale......Muchelle in bondage belts and Bernie bondage of people who should not have sex with geezer males......just is too damn Bill Clinton.

 And fresh from the zoo, a primate, but she is Bernie trained and has Trump Love. Look I have nothing against primates.

Then again, look at the common core we have, as once again I found not just a blonde for those who like that flavor, but I found an Asian to hashtag on the #HotScale too.

See Trump supporters hate TPP and Bernie supporters hate TPP. We got allot of hate for Hillary too, even if the Bernie supporters have placards printed about all how Love Trumps Hate.
Sure Bernie Sanders supporters are making a psychological slip there, in they love Trump, so do not miss that as you get lost in these hot women with daddy issues feeling up the Bern.

So therefore I have a deal for Hillary. Donald Trump takes the hot women who know how to blow things and hate TPP, and Hillary can have all the zyklon gas types who look like primates for Hillary's Holocaust.

In all of this, we have learned the facts of life, in Bernie Sanders attracts hot chics who have daddy issues, and Bernie Sanders had a fetish in putting hot little girls on butch dyke perverts like Hillary Clinton, and in all of this, the hot chics are printing up signs begging Donald Trump to rescue them from dirty old Hillary.

Always room for more attractive people in the Trump ballot boxes as Hillary's gas chambers are full of the ugly Bernie voters.