Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Hills Special

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Once upon a time before this blog became a national security necessity, I had time to do important things like read and dream of things. I never know what will fascinate me, but it usually is some obscure thing that I must then suffer for in research and misery, which fills me with more consternation, making it even more precious.

In reading a historical book on the history of corn in America, which I have quoted previously, I came across a vague reference in some Montana publications about various corns from the legendary Oscar Will of North Dakota, who accomplished such great things to feed America, in transforming American sod wilderness to now Monstanto bean fields.

The reference was to a corn which was being grown in an area where corn was not supposed to be grown, and it was in the western regions of Dakota Territory in the alkalai flats outside the Black Hills of South Dakota.

I was fascinated immediately that there was a corn, which grew in this arid region of no rain, high winds and locusts. This is an area called "high plains" and is notorious for blizzards which kill baby sheep and cattle in the spring and surprise everyone with blizzards in October. It is not a region which is the lovely nature of Illinois where 120 day, 12 foot tall corn will ever grow.

It took me years to find a single source of this corn, and I began working on it. Work is what I usually do as satan stands in the way of all of my usually breaks my eggs or people neglect to respond to my emails. By God's Grace though I obtained a handful or hand empty of seeds, which as I type this, have lovingly been planted in my fenced off garden.......the one Baby Belle just loves prancing through and of course a kitty had to help me plant these precious seeds in rolling around in the row, as kitty planted seeds always grow so very much more better than just my hand planting.

It has been very dry and cold here, and now very exhuberantly hot. Rain has been spotty at best, but as of today, I noticed a number of these little corn plants now appearing.

They are beautiful little corn plants, almost silken green looking. I was really impressed with the kernels and they were the same yellow corn we all think of corn should be. I have all of my little corns now about 3 weeks later than the Monsanto crops the neighbors put in, so all should be free from any of that contamination.
It just amazes me to witness a corn that has not been grown for profit in America, since before World War I.

These corn "talk" to me and they are happy. They chatter a great deal in frequency. They are a very happy flock.

The plan is to water these seedlings viel, that would be German for alot. It is always puzzling in corn, in some popcorn I had is already up looking pretty, and some other varieties which I have hopes for are still to appear.
It always comes down to one ear of corn, will plant a large plot next year. It always is just that one corn plant to save a genus which is more rare than honesty or civility in this world.

I highly doubt I will ever make it to the hinterlands of the plains to ever plant this corn in it's natural habitat, but it home now and I plan to make it more than part of some collection. I hope this is a corn for the Great Tribulation. I just need the money for the land, and for God to take the land from the greedy to give to us. Is not like I am looking for the Ponderosa, as 10 acres of land would fulfill what I have in mind.

I enjoy this playtime immensely. I enjoy seeing smut on the ears, seeing deer biting off the ends of the ears, enjoy even satan flattening the stalks........enjoy seeing baby bunnies in the garden to hopefully find them not eating everything off.

I was not moved to do a great planting this year, but still have probably 1/3rd of an acre in.....invaded by a pocket gopher which will die soon enough. The reason I did not feel up to it, is because that Ted Cruz took a great deal out of me in thwarting his treachery. The garden now though is helping to heal me and realign me. I still not have the time to care for it properly......other than keeping Baby Belle out of this one with electric wire, but to tend these plants has them in turn caring for me.
They appear quite happy in  the mix, and in not meaning to change the subject, the 18 cabbages all in a row, look quite handsome. I had to move them as last year for only satan know's reason they rotted, which never happened before.
I still think of the kitties and the corn, and how they were murdered. It takes the pleasure from the corn, but as I look at how deeply I have been tilled these years, there is nothing which does not have sorrows attached to it.

Summer goes too quick and winter is an occupant too long.

If I plant my corn in rows
My how they behave
In rows they rise to the light
Like Lazarus from the grave