Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Art of the Master

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Today my children, you are going to be introduced to the godfather of information, not for disinformation, but to inform the volk of the trust between them and the government.
I purposely provided you the German word VOLK, for people, so as to guide you to the understanding that this is the National Socialists, in all of the misinformation you have been influenced with about them, so that you would never learn the secrets of those who are using these techniques to condition you to be raped by Muslims and Mexicans, instead of fighting back.

The following is the forward of  Life of the Leader, written by Dr. Joseph Goebbels. I desire you to study it, as you will learn a great deal about good propaganda from someone like Ronald Reagan to now Donald Trump, and bad propaganda which the MSM fed you concerning Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Propaganda is not something which is evil. It simply means information, and has been by the press which is deceiving you, termed it as disinformation, and that is not what propaganda is at all.

Each of you on the right experienced badly conducted propaganda for the Cruz Cult in propagandists like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, Matt Wash etc... which was so beyond reason, that the public mass rejected it for Mr. Trump's simple Tweets in honest interaction with the masses.
On the left, the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fiction is what caused the massive shift to Bernie Sanders, as the left simply rejected that bad propaganda too, as there is only so much messiah and misogyny that a human can ingest.

The secret to communicating with the masses is to keep the message simple, so the people understand it, and that message must be true, because once the people distrust the source, the game is lost.
It is why the CIA / Tavistock / Standford use the 70% fact and 30% deception to confuse the masses with great effect.

There has been so much overload though in brilliant Obama and beautiful Michelle, that the bullshit meter produced a rejection of this entire ridiculous misinformation flow.

The secret to all of this, whether in politics, PR or blog, is to build absolute  trust with the masses by never lying to them or breaking your word. To communicate simply and cement that bond so it can only be broken by the messenger.

If you examine the 2016 political season in America, you will witness Dr. Goebbels maxims, as practiced by the doctor of connecting with the people, in Adolf Hitler, taking away the lies of the Jesuit and Jewish Marxists in Germany, and replacing them with the truth that Germans desired to hear, you will note who the liars were in Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, as the public rejected them, and the candidates who connected with the people were the dynamic Donald Trump and the sedate Bernie Sanders. Two opposites, but each candidate right and left, with a like honest message, connected with the masses and were driven forward.

The biggest blunder in the Sanders campaign was giving cover to Hillary Clinton in vouching for her in Emailgate. That is what broke trust with the voters Mr. Sanders needed to put him over the top.

2016 witnessed a resurrection of the most nefarious of smear propaganda in the creation of the White Nigger in various racial hatred maxims against Americans as Amanda Carpenter's trumpers, George Will's trumpites and Rush Limbaugh's trumpsters, all generated from the Ted and Heidi Cruz campaign, were a violation of propaganda like "Crazy Bernie" or "Feel the Bern" to create an ill effect in voters, which did not brainwash the masses.
It was though loathsome for those who degraded such an art form, as it revealed what liars the Cruz, Clinton, Bush campaigns were at base, in hiding their crimes, and attempting quick slander to shatter the link of trust, which they failed at.

Dr. Goebbels was a remarkable talent in his work always felt like a Cashmere sweater before a warm fire. Adolf Hitler was always that reassuring firmness of a parent urging his child forward with support.

In the above photo, Adolf Hitler reveals a dynamic side of his persona. He ordered these photos to be destroyed, because he deemed them beneath the dignity of the speaker in being too dramatic. This was the early crafting of Adolf Hilter, and in later examples, you will note that he always conducted himself like George Washington, in the quiet dignity of the office before the public, with great strength.

When propaganda is engaged in correctly, it is the most wonderful of experiences, like Ronald Reagan appearing before Mike Deaver's rows of flags. When propaganda is abused, the people are abused, and there is absolutely no remedy for this connection violated, and that is the world Hillary Clinton is facing.

Good things and great people have their own effect. They must therefore be allowed to speak freely for themselves. The most important characteristic of particularly successful propaganda is that it neither omits nor adds anything which does not belong to the essential nature of the subject. The characteristic feature of events and personalities should be brought out clearly, distinctively, and simply, stripped bare of confusing details, so that they may be readily understood and recognised by the masses whom the propaganda is attempting to reach.

National Socialism and its principal representatives have brought along to this art form a natural talent. They have also learnt their trade and applied it through hard work, untiring close contact with the Folk, and a continual refining of the techniques involved. The Leader himself was the greatest master in this process. It is not widely known that, in the early days of the Party, he held no other office than that of Head Of Propaganda, and that in his brilliant mastery of this office he gave the Party its present intellectual, organisational, and political stamp. He has also instinctively understood how to speak and deal with his Folk, whose child he has always been and will always be.

From an early time, all the love and immense trust of his followers, and later of the whole of the German Nation, has been focused on him. Yet, initially, the masses saw him from a distance only as a politician and statesman. His purely humane side remained largely in the background. Today the whole world recognises him as the initiator of the National Socialist doctrine and the creator of the National Socialist State, the pioneer of a new European order, and the guide to peace and the welfare of nations.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels