Monday, July 18, 2016

Black Lives Bloody

The American Federal Government Once Protected Blacks

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are many disgraces and disappointments in the reality of what is the epitaph of the thing called the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. There are many crimes to be recorded, but one which is equal to none is the genocide of the Negroid in America and the complicity of the Afriod, who has remained silent in mass as the Blacks in America have been utterly vanquished.

In their neighborhoods Planned Parenthood aborts them. In their politics, their leaders behind Obama import Muslim and Mexican invaders, bestowing on them 20,000 dollar bonuses as Blacks languish under the reality that their future is being born a bastard and their career is the prison.
Millions  of Blacks are in prison from the failed community organized Obama and the heinous murderous part of this is typified by Chicago.

I ask, "Why in the name of messiah Obama is Chicago a vocation for Black Americans in being murdered by dope lords, gang lords and the assassin blamed is the gun?"

From the Lame Cherry, a solution is about to be put forward, as seriously, the question is, why is the black lives bloody being allowed to perpetuate Chicago and other cities?

Remember fully that this is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Democrat, confidant of Hillary Rodham Clinton and benefactor of the regime of Barack Hussein Obama. Why in this historic age of a Negroid type in the White House was an Ashkenaz dual citizen Jew put into power there, to manage this carnage, as was there not a Black in all the Obama contacts who could have saved Chicago, instead of covering the Windy City in a paint of human blood?

I firmly believe by the evidence that from the wag the dog stories of 2008 in Obama racism as a tool for his stealing the White House in arresting "white supremacists" by the BATFE, the Beers at the White House summit, Wisconsin Wilding Treyon Martin, Christopher Dorner, Ferguson Missouri, to the worst of all in the Chicago slaughter of Blacks, that the pattern is established that the Obama regime has embarked upon a Black Lives Bloody policy in order to keep the Black herded into a political voting block as they considered time and again to flee this plantation of death.

The Lame Cherry returns you to the American past in Selma Alabama, Little Rock Arkansas, for scenes of Black upheaval and endangerment. These are the epitomes of the Martin King era, and in them there began the leadership from the White House to ensure the rights of Americans.

When trouble in Little Rock Arkansas erupted, it was Republican Dwight Eisenhower who federalized the National Guard to protect blacks. When Selma Alabama became an issue, it was Democratic President Lyndon Johnson who called up the National Guard to protect blacks. In that is the solution from the Lame Cherry in, why in Obama's name did not the Chicago clique of Val-erie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Rahm Emanuel not call out the National Guard to keep the peace in Chicago, as has been an established policy whenever Chicago erupted in communist, union or political violence.
For the sake of Black Lives Matter, why was not the city of Chicago augmented with federal troops to assist in protecting all Chicagoans as the Police were allowed to accomplish their jobs?

The answer returns to this was deliberate as Ferguson Missouri. This was a matter of letting Blacks bleed on the streets for the gems of the Obama agenda in exploiting minority voting and gun control.
Who is profiting from the narcotics, prostitution and weapons pouring into Chicago? The money goes into Chicago banks and into liberal politicians, who oversee this entire criminal enterprise.  The reality is Chicago is kept stoked with burning gunpowder and painted with posters of blood, which sends a message to all Black Americans of bewilderment and need for leadership.

Louis Farakhan can not manage beyond his Black Mooselums. Where is Jesse Jackson? Where in reality is Barack and Michelle Obama as this is supposed to be their city. This is the city of Val-erie Jarret, the ultimate Jack n Jill elite and they have not moved one iota to save Chicago lives.

When organized crime in the John Dillinger and Al Capone erupted in Chicago crime waves which spilled all through the Midwest, FBI Direct J.  Edgar Hoover sent in the G Men and Chicago was saved.
When the reality of 1968 Chicago in the Democratic Convention erupted in the anarchy of anti war protests, Mayor Daily unleashed the Chicago PD in a bloody head splitting rampage which made the world recoil, but the reality is Chicago was not occupied, Chicago was not burned to the ground and Chicago was safe the next day in there was not a murder spree in any community.

Yet when Donald Trump in political aspirations arrived in Chicago, what erupted but the George Soros,  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama rent a mob, stoking fury and not settling the real issue that Chicago Lives Matter, as the murdering of Blacks in Chicago continues day and night.

When a regime in Washington is not moved to stop the mass murder of any US region, that regime is criminal.

Chicagoans can not be blamed, for it is a city of the rich and the ghetto elite. It feeds off of crime and political corruption. It is allowed to profit, because it benefits those in power to keep the Niggers in riot as the police camp out in the gates areas and only appear hours later to scrape up the corpses in the Chicago ghetto.

Any person who had Chicago as their hometown and has this carnage taking place would be ashamed, but not the Obama's nor Val-erie Jarrett. Their retirement is in Washington DC, their schooling for their children is New York. Chicago was a stepping stone to power, and Chicago in holocaust holds no more thought for them than chucking a cigarette butt into the gutter.

It is my sincere hope that Black leaders like Cornell West and Tavis Smiley will be able to with President Donald Trump outreach to end the murder of Chicago. This will take place with jobs and the security of federal law enforcement. With the recalling of corporations to America, it must be a coordinated policy of just as Coca Cola could find CIA funding to put a bottling plant in Seoul for American security, to place corporate jobs where it is more beneficial for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics etc... to receive high paying jobs, than to find rationed death in welfare checks.

Blacks are being murdered in America by the muzzle blast of Obama policy and Whites are being suicided in America by the muzzle flash of the Obama police state.

- Lame Cherry

I fully realize that there is a syndicate making profits in Chicago and would seek to make it a Falujah to embarass a President Trump bringing jobs, because the community organized Chicago makes money and political victories.
The guns of Chicago are not just appearing there by magic, but appear to be some more Obama Night Specials like Eric Holders Gun Runner into Mexico.

The regime of Barack and Michelle Obama with Val-erie Jarrett should have declared an emergency years ago, with troops, FBI, curfews and detentions with sweeps to end the traffick there. There should have been jobs there as the Obama's promised all Blacks to have mansions, but none of that happened, and all we are left with is this smouldering ghetto stained with blood.

This is the epitaph of the Obama regime. Iranian Val-erie Jarret with over 500,000 dead Syrians in a shattered Mideast and transplant Indonesian now as image Obama covering his community organized streets of Chicago in crimson, which began with Obama gay sex partner Donald Young's murder.

Each of you is more moved and saddened by this, than the entire Obama regime, as they had the power to save lives and instead nothing was done, as that is what this regime desired was a continuous supply of dead Black Americans.

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