Monday, July 18, 2016

Monetized Immigrant Genocide of America

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The Genocidist Movement of Races has been most adept in engaging in the same Tavistock and Standford verbiage to define their assault upon humanity as the Aborticide Movement had it's key word generators as 'woman's right' and the Sodomite Movement had their "homophobe" brainwashing to silence the masses to accept womb butchery and anal rape as norms.

In the Genocide Movement in America, the thought is one based in guilt in "We were all immigrants, therefore Pepe and Ahab have the same right of access as the White folks did". This requires refutation at the basic level, because in the brainwashing the ignorant are comparing apples to oranges.

To set the stage in this, the first question is, what was America before the Caucasian Europeans established settlements there?

The Lame Cherry is not going to wait for your ill informed answers and will instead inform you.

America was a wilderness. The few Viking and Phoenecian interbreeding settlements in America which influenced the Asian savages called the American Indian, were at best savage gardeners, who were cannibals, rapists, liars, savages and murderers. They were violent primates who subsitted by absolute warfare.

There never were tens of millions of these savage Asians. The tribes were few and far in between numbered in the tens of thousands, and of those tribes the Sioux, Iroquois, Commanche, Creek were engaged in genocide against lesser tribes.

Literally America was a land barren of human civilization and peopled by the grizzly and wolf.

When Thomas Jefferson purchased the American interior from empire, it was an issue that the generation then expected it to take 1000 years to settle America. It literally would be settled in 100 years, due to European powers dumping their wretches by the hundreds of thousands into America, and America was accepting of this, as non skilled labor to plough up prairie and to fell trees for farms, was something even the louse infected could accomplish.

This is the REALITY which each of you have to face. The commerce, merchant and financiers groups all exploited the primates of Europe to lure them to America to basic slave labor for land which was abundant, which they could profit off of. It was far better to come to America and die in trying, than to perish in Europe in some conscripted war or end up in some famine dead there as the Irish accomplished.

This is far different from the Obama 21st century, where there is not land for these people to exploit, but instead are being imported to neutralize the Americans in voting, in tax money, in education, in medical treatment, in housing, in jobs as Americans are fired and not hired, and the reality of the poor in America are in competition with the rats of Latin America and the rats of the Mideast.

This vermin is not plouging and planting to raise a crop to expand the economy and feed themselves and others. Instead welfare is funding these vermin. This is literally MONETIZED GENOCIDE, because the merchants are profiting by looting the American Treasury in these welfare handouts as inflation deposits the American to the same poverty status of a slave in working to subsist for the conglomerate beast to be fed.

One of the ruses in this is "Americans will not do the jobs the illegal will". That was true, because the established farmers would not pay a living wage to Basque shepherds in Colorado or Mexican beet weeders in Minnesota. Americans would have performed those jobs if the jobs had not been part of an American "cheap food policy" to keep the Veterans from revolting in the fascist economy of the 1900's.
Farmers of that era were slaves to the farm in paid poverty wages to be exploited as their legal immigrant ancestors were promised the Garden of Eden and found noting but rocks and tumbleweeds to cry over.

This invader system has nothing to do with better lives. It has only to do with massive exploitation of mongrel 3rd worlders in order to destroy the American race as a competitor to the cartel monopoly of power which is a criminal network, legally stealing from Americans by inflation and debt, while criminalizing Americans and murdering them, as they smear them in death as in LaVoy Finicum.

Those who are ignorant in speaking of "Well all of us came here too", are unaware of historical fact of what the first exploitation was in it promised building and reward in America. What the invader is intended is rapine and genocide in destroying the American System.

All of this was known to Barack Obama and his community organized globalists. It is why Obama the Birther was placed into power in order to establish this deliberate "change" which they "believed in", which by fact is the replacement of Americans with 3rd world Jesuit and Muslim beasts, who are diseased, rapists and economic vampires.
Of course the political moron will be screeching now, "They are not all that way". Yes just as not all rabid vermin will bite you, but they will spread a disease which will panic and destroy the societal order, so you die by being deemed the animal to be put down in your own nation.

If there was the opportunity to self build in America, in even jobs, these invaders would be adding to the strength of America. Instead we have these mobs of mongrels who answer to the Vatican or Mecca, who are displacing and dispossessing the American to their eventual weakening in having a societal cancer which will put them in the grave within a generation, and the mongrel will then dig up their corpse and sell whatever value there is, while the huddled survivors as in White Africa, will be forced out by Black African communists seizing the Caucasian land and property "by legal" torte.

There is no place in America for the Obama invader of the 21st century as there was for the immigrant of the 19th century. Robotics are a competition as much as America is full. It is a criminal act to steal money from the US Treasury, call it welfare and then direct that money to conglomerates providing food, cell phones and internet to profit in the billions off of this looting.

This is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, to address this issue as the propaganda of it has not gone answered until now, and now it must be an issue to take America back and make America great again by only Americans and for only Americans.

In addition, several hundred traitors in this must be prosecuted and publically executed by hanging to teach those of commerce that this offense in the American Genocide will not prevail against the People of these United States.

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