Friday, July 15, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sorry I did not check mail today until late, as that is probably obvious of the time.

Sandy wrote about critters biting her and no matter the critter, as long as it has an exoskeleton, diatomaceous earth is safe if not dusty. We put this on goats and cats and it does help.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Chiggers - wikiHow

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth. If you need a natural, organic pesticide for severe chigger infestations, you can do a broadcast application of diatomaceous earth to ...

I always were rubber knee boots in bad years.

I have never had to spray insecticide, but I would check with the local USDA county agent and see what is available for homeowners.........yes keep you and the puppy or whatever else out of spray area, but as my neighbor was telling me about organic farming, "Sometimes you just have to spray the round up, get the weeds nuked and then start over again."

I would think some farm supply store would have something they could suggest, and if not some kind of Raid sprayed at least on the porch would slow things down.

I have used ammonia on bites and it has worked to soak a tissue in peroxide and leave it on the bite immediately. I frankly was surprised this year I have not been eaten alive, but this is not a chigger year here.

It does make me smile though, thinking of my puppy Ruby under the desk, giving me chiggers after being outside. Only time I smile about any of these cursed critters.

I hope this helps.