Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Clintober Surprise

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you think that Hillary Clinton would do anything or sacrafice anyone to be President?

The reason for asking is the House of Cards. No not that faggot Kevin Spacey version, but the real Richard III version of Ian Richardson so brilliantly produced by the British, before this American knock off appeared.

Just to burst your bubble, the Trilogy ends with FU about to be brought down, and in the shadow of Margaret Thatcher's statue, Francis' wife with her security team, have her husband shot down to save his legacy.

So the question is, with all of the dead weight on the Hillary Clinton morgue express to the White House, do you think that Hillary Clinton and her Obamastreet donors would juice up some right winger with scopalamine as a patsy like Sirhan Sirhan, and make a real stage production in sending Bill Clinton the great beyond, so she could be President on the "sympathy widow vote" in a Clintober Surprise?

I could see Mrs. Clinton doing this to her Rockefeller husband, to keep the house of cards from a falling and all of them going to jail. Like FU though, I highly doubt BC would be in on the final act.

I mean think of the stage production value. You got a week of liberals gnashing on the right wing propaganda before the Truth could filter out, image Obama preening again in crocogator tears lecturing he warned all of this, and then the laying in state of BC, the national cathedral service.......hell Hillary could pull the coffin along behind her jet at every campaign spot to let the mourners have a go at it, and try the media would be a deluge of the Widow Clinton and issues would no longer matter, as they buried Bill on election eve.

That all would make great political theater and that would be something which Hillary Clinton appears pathologically driven to do, as Bill is a dead weight on the campaign trail, and I have yet to see a bimbo or a Foster not put down hard by Mrs. Clinton.
There is not a staff member from the 1990's who was not soul shredded by this woman as she just does not stick a knife in, she brings the tree chopper.

Now I hope that Bill Clinton realizes that by floating this scenario, that I probably saved him from a final act, as he knows the kind of folks he has had around him over the years, and how those bodies all piled up.
It just would make sense that Hillary Clinton would dispose of Bill if she had political advantage to it, as easy as she crushed a gnat.

Just something to think about in a Clintober Surprise.