Monday, July 18, 2016

Cleveland Kill Zone

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was observing the debauchery in Cleveland, as the Delegarch revelers were sitting in their open air cafes, behind their walls of security, sipping their drinks, looking down their noses at mankind not as pretty as they, admiring the celebrities on parade walking by to be seen............

All as groups of police walk by, to the cheers and applause of the wealthy elite who have made America into his Obama Ryan hell, to leap to their feet to take selfies in posing with the patrols, all ignorant that this is the American Police State, that my radar goes off.

Someone has in this era of Black Lives Matter shootfests, decided to deploy police officers in GROUPS. For those who have never been in combat, there is the most drilled in tactic that YOU KEEP YOUR DISTANCE in patrol, because bunching up provides the enemy the opportunity a concentration of fire whether it is firearm or munitions.

This is in the soft zone, where the elite are grouped and concentrated to put themselves on display in open air access. This should be screaming out as a security alert in not only endangering the public, but especially these police officers.

I make a point of this as this is not correct procedure and appears as if those in charge are inviting attacks.

Something is wrong here, and the police should know better, but if this is disassembled outward, this public presence inviting attack, with the known entities of Secret Service and other entities deployed, the Federals must be in countermeasure mode of sniper deployments from vantage point triangulation, leaving no blind spots.

Just an on field report in this deployment is incorrect for safety reasons.

Someone has planned this exposure of law enforcement in Cleveland.