Monday, July 18, 2016

Last dance with Mary Jane

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I would appreciate a review of the brilliant work of Paul Manafort, who has had months of manipulation focused on destroying Corey Lewandowski, apparently bribed the Indiana GOP to hand the Indiana vote to Donald Trump to put Mike Pence on the ticket, which after this GOPliter Big Koch maneuver, had Jeb Bush crowing about how great this is, that today in Cleveland, there was more danger inside the Republican Convention from Cruz Cult than from Black Lives Matter.

What Cleveland has become is Ted Cruz being the Cassius ass he is, in seeking to disrupt the Convention, after another genius Paul Manafort deal to allow Cruz to speak without endorsing Mr. Trump.......for today after GAVEL THUGGERY, the Manafort and GOPe ramrodded through the "conscience Cruz" ban and then were blindsided on the convention floor, by the Cruz Cult who had 10 states, voting in majority to throw the convention to open debate to once gain allow delegates to vote their "conscience".

To this Paul Manafort gave this brilliant statement:

Manafort has said there is no longer a viable "stop Trump" movement, only some "malcontents" who don't represent the broader Republican Party.

Despite the tension, Manafort insists that the GOP is not showing signs of strain but instead is coming together in a show of party unity.

“Ninety-four to 95 percent have come together,” Manafort said.

So there are around 80 delegates at the Convention who are insane. Republicans were promised that Paul Manafort was the king of delegate herding, as he has had over half a year to beat this dead horse to win, and with Mike Pence intrigue, the supposedly had Reince Priebus on board making calls to end this, but still it erupted to mayhem.

Most of you have never been involved in politics, state or national, so I am going to clue you in on something. ALL of those delegates live in states, where powerful people in the Governor's mansion, Legislature, Law Enforcement can make a delegate's life hell.
I recall my brother mentioning to me one conversation he had with someone who deicided they could mouth off to those in power, and he was basically informed that he could shut the hell up, or he would find the entire state unleashed on him, and he could be in prison or dead. It was his choice.

It is a certain that when Reince Priebus asks something, he is not asking. He is telling a party chairman, and if that party chair does not bring order, all sorts of difficult things begin to happen.

So that is the fact in this, in Paul Manafort either is worthless, except for Lewandowski assassination and manipulating Trump children, or he deliberately set about with Reince Priebus to create this intrigue. The state chairs should have been informed that EVERY delegate was going to vote Trump or those delegates were going to be replaced, and if anything happened contrary that state chair's life was going to get a visit from the grim reaper.

I could mention that the blessing is gone from Donald Trump, if you have not noticed, just as it left Sarah Palin when she went down to Sodom. After Donald Trump was maneuvered by Paul Manafort into President Mike Pence, nothing has gone right for Donald Trump from that disgusting logo to this Cruz Cult riot to humiliate Mr. Trump.
When you are with God, every single  thing you do comes out a win, and that is what Donald Trump had. It is spilled milk, but Donald Trump should have fought it out in Cleveland without deals for Jamie Beutler Herrera. Win or lose, that was the thing expected as he would have won by God.

Now nothing is working for Donald Trump. His momentum is checked and his best asset now is that coughing hag, Hillary Clinton, and Mr. Trump limping throug the next months in this Manafort quisling, blundering and taking the thunder away from Donald Trump, when he needs lightning strikes.

Mike Pence sucked the life out of this campaign. Perhaps a wounded old man in Donald  Trump if poked enough will figure it out in coming back the to Lord and bringing in advisers not kissing his ass or working for his demise come January.

Last dance with Mary Jane.

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